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The role that the Avjobs Team can play

by Pat 26. March 2014 13:44
The Role That the Avjobs Team Can Play People find new jobs faster when Avjobs is on their side and everyone joins together in a team effort. The Avjobs Applicant System shows you how to take advantage of every resource available to you. The Avjobs methodology works with all major air carriers, airports, aerospace, aviation, colleges, universities and government agencies and is now available to help you explore your opportunities, refine your search, and ultimately, get the right job, faster. Over 90% of our applicants are successfully employed in less than 90 days! Yes, you can conduct a job search or career change on your own, but do you want to settle for only advertised jobs, regardless of the fit or compensation? Or would you rather possess the knowledge, skills, and professional marketing materials to get the job that is really the right one for you? [More]

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How to send your resume as an attachment

by Pat 19. March 2014 11:03
Allow me to send my Avjobs resume as an attachment. Of course, and Avjobs has created a shortcut for that. From time to time you will notice that some employers request that you email your resume as an attachment. Or, once you have applied for a job, an employer may request an additional copy of your complete resume as an attachment. [More]

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Salary range and compensation data for job postings

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:53
Always provide the salary range and compensation data in each job posting. What are Aviation employers willing to pay? Since Avjobs applicants can search for positions by both wage type and salary; Avjobs highly encourages employers to provide a salary range for each position posted (low to high). We believe that you need to know whether the position will be paid by the hour or salary, as well as how much; unfortunately many companies are not able, or willing, to disclose this information on every job. [More]

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Who is viewing my resume

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:45
In a perfect world the Avjobs system should... - Have the ability to see who requests my resume. - Supply information concerning who is viewing my resume (Company name). Absolutely! Avjobs requires that all employers register prior to searching resumes. When any employer views your resume, you are immediately notified, via your "@myavjobs.com" email account. The subject of the email is "Avjobs Resume Hit - Company Name". [More]



16 ways to view aviation job postings at Avjobs

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:35
You Can! Many applicants are saying that you wish you could Search and Sort jobs by specific criteria and you absolutely can. The Avjobs System is designed to give you different options for doing a specific job search. You may search and view position in a number of different ways. Avjobs has extensive search capabilities to help you find the jobs you are looking for quickly and easily. Using the "Search Jobs" tool, you can narrow or broaden your search by using one of the 16 options to search and view the job postings. Below is a detailed description of each and how they work: [More]


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Copy and paste my existing resume

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:21
You can copy and paste your existing resume... If you already have your resume typed into a word processing program you can copy and paste the appropriate information into each corresponding field. The resume database was created as a "Searchable" system for Employers to narrow their search and find the right candidate for the job. Employers have the option of searching many of the fields separately to help in the process. Therefore, it is important to fill out as many of the fields as possible. [More]

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