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by Pat 7. January 2014 08:04
A career choice is based on a thorough understanding of your needs and wants, and the requirements of the aviation labor market. At mid-life, you have the advantage of being able to draw on many years of real-world experiences to select a career that: Lets you use the skills you enjoy most. Pays enough to support your lifestyle. Is in demand. [More]

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Avjobs Marks 26 Years of Service

by Pat 2. January 2014 08:29
LITTLETON, CO – January 1, 2014 – Colorado based Avjobs.com marks twenty six year commitment to the aviation community. “This milestone says a great deal about our dedication to the industry and our success”, says Pat Smith, Director of Marketing at Avjobs.com. [More]

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3,981 likes and counting!

by Pat 24. December 2013 08:43
3,981 likes and counting! Stay tuned everyone, we're hard at work with some exciting new ideas for 2014! Got any yourself? Then feel free to share them here. [More]

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by Pat 24. December 2013 08:33
Like Avjobs on Facebook Hi guys, a little reminder: We've got pages on Facebook too! We recently reached about 3,981 likers but we want more! We want to get the word out about aviation jobs available and share them with your friends. Be sure to apply at your earliest convenience. So why should you like us? Well, you get our latest posts on your wall, so if you are a frequent Facebook user you'll never miss one of our new job or news posts! Facebook is also great to get in touch through commenting or sharing. We also post jobs that you can apply for RIGHT NOW, and you stay up to speed with who's hiring and where, so don't wait and click on the like buttons where ever you see them! [More]

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Avjobs.com Holiday Telephone Hours 2013

by Pat 24. December 2013 08:22
Dear Valued Customers, Avjobs would like to extend a very Happy Holidays to all of our Customers! As the holiday season falls quickly upon us, Avjobs would like to remind you of our regular business hours, holiday and telephone support hours. Please see the holiday hours below: Tuesday, Dec 24th: 9 am to 2 pm MST Wednesday, Dec 25th: Closed Tuesday, Dec 30th: 9 am to 2 pm MST Wednesday, Dec 30th: Closed Normal hours: 9 am to 5 pm, M-F, MST Please take note that, the Avjobs sales team will continue to operate on its regular business schedule during these holiday dates to accommodate any special needs. Have a great Holiday Season! [More]



Minimum Wage Myth Buster

by Pat 20. December 2013 10:41
Myth: Increasing the minimum wage will result in job losses for newly hired and unskilled workers in what some call a "last-one-hired-equals-first-one-fired" scenario. Not true: Minimum wage increases have little to no negative effect on employment as shown in independent studies from economists across the country. Academic research also has shown that higher wages sharply reduce employee turnover, which can reduce employment and training costs. [More]


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