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by Tahna Stanley 28. October 1998 16:40
LITTLETON, CO (October 28, 1998) – The Airline Employment Assistance Corps. (AEAC) helps fill staffing needs for employers and job seekers in the aviation field. With over 5082 positions from 1950 employers http://www.avjobs.com is an ideal resource for employers to list positions and job seekers to find the ideal aviation career. [More]

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AEAC Offers New Telephone Services for Non-Computer Users

by Tahna Stanley 15. June 1997 16:34
To accommodate everyone who may be looking for aviation related employment, The AEAC will offer a full listing of available positions in a recorded format over the telephone. This service is exactly the same as the existing On-Line Member Section services, and is provided for Job Seekers who do not have access to a computer or do not wish to use credit cards over the Internet. [More]

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AEAC picks up where FAPA left off and offers much more

by Pat 2. October 1996 15:54
The Airline Employment Assistance Corps. has made no secret recently about our growing collection of FREE services to Aviation Related Employers and the immensely popular reception given to them by our customers. Our services today are being delivered through the World Wide Web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the privacy of our customers own homes and offices. [More]

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