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by Tahna Stanley 10. October 2010 14:23
October 10, 2010- For the aviation job seeker, as well as the career switcher, demonstrating the willingness and ability to learn new skills can help put you over the top with a prospective employer. [More]

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Aviation Schools, Imitated but not Duplicated

by Tahna Stanley 18. April 2003 09:37
LITTLETON, CO (April 18, 2003) – Colorado based Avjobs.com, Inc. wants to inform you that we are a privately owned business that created the original Aviation Schools (AVSchools) in January 2001. We launched Aviation Schools to promote educational facilities like yours and give guidance to future aviators. [More]


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The AEAC Launches Aviation Schools

by Pat 1. February 2001 07:58
Aviation Schools is an online searchable database where visitors can search for an aviation academy, university, training center, flight school etc. Aviation Schools visitors may search school profiles by city, state, zip, country, school name, and program type. The search results are outlined in an easy to read grid showing if the school offers financial assistance, room & board, online courses, accelerated programs and the average cost per class. From here, the visitor may click to see the details of any school that meets their needs. Each profile detail includes school logo, contact information, link to web site, and description of facility programs including photos if provided. [More]


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