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Include Your Job Posting in the Avjobs Weekly Jobs Newsletter

by Pat 6. July 2017 13:43
Include Your Job Posting in the Avjobs Weekly Jobs Newsletter The Avjobs weekly newsletter subscriber base is pretty big and growing faster than ever before. Now you can use it to get your jobs in front of our huge base with our new job insertion tool. To include your job in the Avjobs Newsletter: 1. Post your job. 2. Click “Add to Newsletter” on the job posting confirmation page. 3. Click the big blue button labeled “Add to Newsletter” That’s it! Your job title, location and a brief overview of your job will be sent to our newsletter subscriber base with a hyperlink to your job posting online. You’ll also receive a confirmation that your job was added to the newsletter and your Avjobs hosted RSS News feed. You can re-add your job to the newsletter once every 30 days. Add your job to the newsletter Employer Log In Employer Pricing [More]

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Get a summary of the best new aviation jobs every week

by Pat 15. October 2015 16:18
Get a summary of the best new aviation jobs, every week. http://www.avjobs.com/preferences/newsletter.asp [More]

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Alert Me!

by Pat 27. August 2013 14:29
In a perfect world the Avjobs system should... Alert me of a potential position or open interview session in my area and alert me of other positions I may qualify for. [More]

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