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Latest release of the Aviation Ad Network (20 SEP 2013)

by Pat 20. September 2013 10:21
AVIATION AD NETWORK AD SERVER PLATFORM UPDATE NOTICE We are pleased to announce the next major release of the Aviation Ad Network. This release includes the much anticipated "Global Edition" so many of our users have been waiting for (and other great features as well). [More]

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Describe your job in 1 word.

by Pat 18. September 2013 13:51
Describe your job in 1 word. Use the comments section below to provide your word. [More]



How to Interview Like a Pro

by Pat 9. September 2013 13:16
Do you remember as a child being told, “Practice makes perfect”? Well, the same is true with job interviews. Learning to interview like a pro takes practice. And lots of it!

While there is generally no right or wrong answer to interview questions, there is a right and wrong way to answer. What do we mean? Interviewers are busy and don’t have time for the fluff. They simply want to know what makes you better than the other candidates they have brought in for an interview. [More]

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Exclusive Access to the Aviation Jobs You Want and Need

by Pat 3. September 2013 15:42
With Avjobs Aviation Job Search you’ll find more aviation jobs in your area and around the world. Find the aviation job that's right for you. Use Avjobs to create a killer resume to aviation standards, view jobs, prepare for interviews, network with aviation professionals and launch your career to new heights. Visit us. The Leading Aviation, Airline, Aerospace and Airport Job Site | Avjobs.com www.avjobs.com [More]



If you haven't... then Facebook

by Pat 30. August 2013 17:28
Hi guys, a little reminder: We've got pages on Facebook too! We recently reached about 4000 likers but we want more! So why should you like us? Well, you get our latest blog posts on your wall, so if you are a frequent Facebook user you'll never miss one of our new job or news posts! Facebook is also great to get in touch through commenting or sharing. We also post jobs that you can apply for RIGHT NOW, and you stay up to speed with who's hiring and where, so don't wait and click on the like buttons where ever you see them! [More]



What can you do as a student to move your future forward?

by Pat 28. August 2013 11:23
What can you do as a student to move your future forward? Create a professional portfolio. The work you put into this organized collection of goals and accomplishments now, will prepare you to stand up to the competition later. There are many documents and notes to keep, along with “to-do’s” to consider when building your portfolio. [More]

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