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Finding jobs is important

by Pat 14. November 2012 07:06
Finding jobs is important, but completing our online job application, creating your professional aviation resume, polishing your interview skills, and marketing yourself to potential employers is critical in today's aviation industry. The Avjobs Employment System does all the work. You just follow the step-by-step instructions. Avjobs is "Where Employers and Employees Come to Meet!" [More]



RULE: It never hurts to ask. You may be the only one asking...

by Pat 12. November 2012 15:08
RULE: It never hurts to ask. You may be the only one asking... A recent Avjobs Applicant was notified of a scholarship available from a MAJOR training facility. They applied for the scholarship and won! It was only later that they found out that they were the only applicant for the scholarship. [More]



Write an Aviation Specific Resume Online

by Pat 9. November 2012 08:33
In today's competitive aviation job market, a well-written resume is the single most important factor in getting your foot in the door and on your way to landing the perfect position. The Avjobs Resume BUILDER and PUBLISHER automatically creates your aviation specific resume and gives you the tools to mail, print, email and fax your resume, quickly and easily, all in one convenient location - online! Get expert guidance on writing your resume: industry and occupation-specific advice and recommendations for your personal career situation, at no extra cost. Don't miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity - get started today! [More]



Southwest Airlines Nationwide Sale One-ways from $79

by Pat 7. November 2012 07:43
Southwest Airlines Nationwide Sale One-ways from $79 If you're looking to get away from, or into one of those "Swing States", now may be the time to make your reservations with Southwest Airlines. With one-way fares starting at a ridiculously low $79, air travel definitely can be affordable if you book early, and have the flexibility to travel midweek, or take a flight at a less than perfect time. [More]

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Get more aviation jobs with aviation jobs RSS feed

by Pat 1. November 2012 07:26
Apply directly for these available positions using the application instructions provided in the Avjobs Applicant System. Follow the individual application instructions provided in each job posting. Avjobs.com is an online resource that brings together employers and employees in the aviation industry (Simply put, we tell you exactly who is hiring and where - right now!). Our Job Search System is for anyone looking for aviation related industry employment at any level. Please visit our Web Site for additional Aviation Employment Assistance and information. You will need to visit our website and log into the Applicant system, members.avjobs.com, to apply for positions. Please be aware that you will not be considered for any position until you have applied. Completing your online job application in our system will give you additional visibility and ensure your resume and interest remain active and visible to our recruiters. [More]

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Display aviation jobs on your website or blog

by Pat 18. October 2012 17:50
We've made it very easy to power your website with aviation jobs. If you already have an existing Jobs or Careers page on your website, or would like to display aviation jobs on any other web or Blog page, just grab the Avjobs Aviation Job Widget and add it to your site. It takes just a few seconds to copy and paste the Avjobs Aviation Job Widget on your page – from then on, jobs will automatically appear on your website allowing people to view current aviation job openings and easily express interest to them. [More]

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