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New Hosted Careers Mini Site Features

by Pat 22. November 2016 09:48
Avjobs is flexing its muscle in aviation recruiting with more ways for business to promote aviation job listings. The new Hosted Careers Mini Site feature gives companies another way to attract top talent to current openings. These Mini Sites also help companies to market their products, services, news and announcements to connect with more followers on social networks and promote themselves with the Aviation Ad Network to get their open position in front of more candidates. All employer accounts come with the new Hosted Careers Mini Site feature, and Avjobs is experimenting with a slew of new recruiting features tied to mini sites. Based on the traffic and behavior behavior we’ve seen on Avjobs, we’re running tests on job postings and applications from candidates to improve the overall effectiveness of the process. Another new feature allows companies to formally share a job opening with related details like job title, company name and location. The special delivery and formatting could differentiate job postings from other content and attract eyeballs in the crowded job availability market and applicant pool. Company job postings show up on the Hosted Careers Mini Site, creating a dedicated landing place where companies can send job seekers. Companies get the added benefit of potentially gaining new followers whether or not someone applies for the open position, compared to a relatively static Careers page on a company’s website. Job postings include an “Apply Now” button that launches a standard job application flow, but pre-populated with information from a user’s profile. That helps people quickly apply for jobs without typing in redundant information. Submitted applications are received by companies as an Avjobs Message (job application) sent to the email address of the company’s recruiter, website or ATS. Businesses are also able to pay to show their job postings to more people with Aviation Ad Network ad offerings. Avjobs opportunity here combines its ubiquitous reach, personal data and engagement. Avjobs added personalized RSS Feeds for company jobs last year, which provide additional syndication in the aviation industry. Avjobs applicant profiles, are filled with extensive information about their past jobs titles, employers, education and interests. Recruiters can target job posting ads so they reach people with the right credentials in preferred locations. And because people browse Avjobs and the thousands of Aviation Ad Network publisher sites constantly, those users are likely to eventually see the ads. Most Avjobs users visit when they’re updating their profile about a new job, or are actively looking for one. But Avjobs can reach people not even thinking about a job, yet could be convinced to apply for the chance at a higher salary or better job title. That’s the same reason Avjobs has been able to build giant brand and performance advertising businesses. Avjobs offers demand generation, drumming up interest people didn’t know they had. [More]

Changes to the Avjobs Resume Builder Master Profile System

by Pat 5. October 2015 11:18
Changes to the Resume Builder section of the site We recently made some changes to the Resume Builder section of the site. These changes may require you to update your Master Profile/Resume to better align yourself with employer searches. Please log into your account as soon as possible to make the necessary changes. When building your master profile, you are asked for your career interests. The categories of interest are divided into broad areas and your selected interests can open doors to more opportunities. Begin by selecting three (3) general employment categories that appeal to you most. You are more likely to be found by employers when your preferences, skills and personal interests match what an employer is looking for. Changes to the Resume Builder section of the site My Resume - Personal Information - Part 1 of 6 [More]

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by Pat 22. July 2015 13:40
July 22, 2015 – General Atomics is Hiring Now, find available positions at Avjos.com. If you are looking for a new career or have ever dreamed of working for General Atomics, now is your chance! [More]


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Enhancements to Avjobs Applicant Services Coming Soon

by Pat 2. March 2015 14:54
Coming Soon: Enhancements to Avjobs Applicant Services We’re excited to announce that enhancements and improvements to our Applicant Services are coming soon. Highlights include: An updated, simplified design Improved resume format and printability Simplified and more accurate job search including saved searches Quick and easy ways to view, apply and share with other people New application process with document preview and confirmation Simplified and more accurate aviation directory New connection process with document preview and confirmation Improved account overview and key account information at a glance Improved email management console and mobile setup instructions New tools section including an easy way to make money while looking for that new job New dashboard to help keep you on track Expanded alerts to help you stay on top of your account and applications New tools to track your application history and manage your saved jobs New favorite pages subsystem for easy navigation All new site map and site search to find pages on our site you might not otherwise discover We’ve worked hard to make the switch as seamless as possible for you. When the new Applicant Services launches, please keep in mind: During initial sign in, we may prompt you to confirm existing information or add new information Your current Username and Password will remain the same The new Applicant Services will be coming soon. Until then, you’ll be able to keep applying as usual on our site. More details—coming soon! Sincerely, The Avjobs Crew [More]

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Avjobs Marks 26 Years of Service

by Pat 2. January 2014 08:29
LITTLETON, CO – January 1, 2014 – Colorado based Avjobs.com marks twenty six year commitment to the aviation community. “This milestone says a great deal about our dedication to the industry and our success”, says Pat Smith, Director of Marketing at Avjobs.com. [More]

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Rod has endorsed you!

by Pat 4. January 2013 10:29
Congratulations! Your connection Rod Machado has endorsed you for the following skills and expertise... [More]

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