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Who is viewing my resume

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:45
In a perfect world the Avjobs system should... - Have the ability to see who requests my resume. - Supply information concerning who is viewing my resume (Company name). Absolutely! Avjobs requires that all employers register prior to searching resumes. When any employer views your resume, you are immediately notified, via your "@myavjobs.com" email account. The subject of the email is "Avjobs Resume Hit - Company Name". [More]



16 ways to view aviation job postings at Avjobs

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:35
You Can! Many applicants are saying that you wish you could Search and Sort jobs by specific criteria and you absolutely can. The Avjobs System is designed to give you different options for doing a specific job search. You may search and view position in a number of different ways. Avjobs has extensive search capabilities to help you find the jobs you are looking for quickly and easily. Using the "Search Jobs" tool, you can narrow or broaden your search by using one of the 16 options to search and view the job postings. Below is a detailed description of each and how they work: [More]


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Copy and paste my existing resume

by Pat 19. March 2014 10:21
You can copy and paste your existing resume... If you already have your resume typed into a word processing program you can copy and paste the appropriate information into each corresponding field. The resume database was created as a "Searchable" system for Employers to narrow their search and find the right candidate for the job. Employers have the option of searching many of the fields separately to help in the process. Therefore, it is important to fill out as many of the fields as possible. [More]

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Manager Charter Services Farmingdale, NY

by Pat 17. March 2014 11:40
http://www.avjobs.com/jobs/public.asp?show_job=54562498-AC28-406D-9708-129F44B3975E Apply for Manager Charter Services job at Northeastern Aviation Corp [More]

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Display recent jobs and account changes or updates

by Pat 12. March 2014 12:21
Always get the latest version of a page to display recent jobs and account changes or updates. Wondering why your browser doesn't always display the latest version of some pages, after you just updated your resume or made specific changes to your account? Avjobs is updated daily and it is worth setting your browser to "Always Check for Newer Version of Stored Pages at Every Visit to the Page" (MSIE). Check for newer versions of stored pages - The options in this section tells Internet Explorer what it should do when you visit a web page. Every time you visit a website Internet Explorer stores a copy of this web page in the Temporary Internet Files folder. When you revisit that same web page, whether or not that information is downloaded again or taken directly from locally stored copy is decided based upon the setting you choose in this section. [More]

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Not require me to fill out pages before I can do a job search

by Pat 12. March 2014 11:14
The Key to Success is completing the Process! The Interactive Avjobs Applicant System was created with you in mind. The system was set up as an interactive process, which is critically important to the success of your job search. In order to get the maximum value from this system you should set up your account and complete the Online Job Application & Resume Builder as soon as possible. By completing the initial walk through (setting up your account), this will enable you to take advantage of your "Personalized Settings". You can customize your home page with the information you need the most, which will be available immediately each time you sign in. [More]

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