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Guide me through the necessary steps to get a job

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:46
Guide me through the necessary steps to get a job. Your Investing in your career by obtaining professional assistance for your Aviation Job Search makes a difference! Investing in your career with Avjobs Professional Aviation Employment Assistance for your Aviation Job Search makes difference! Recent Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) reports the average length of unemployment is about 9.5 months. Our own most recent client survey results showed our clients get hired faster! (varies by income level) [More]


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The Key to Success is completing the Process!

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:43
Did you know that you can save a favorite page to your navigation menu and call it what ever you like? Avjobs provides a large variety of information in the member section and many times it can be difficult to remember where you found something. You can create shortcuts to your pages of interest and enter a personal name or description for each saved page to create your own navigation menu. [More]

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Memorize the email sign in information for faster access to my mail

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:32
Memorize the email sign in information for faster access to my mail. Now it does! Due to the high number of requests for single sign in, you no longer have to re-enter your sign in info! As you may have already noticed, the system now logs you directly into your email account without requiring you to enter your username and password again! [More]

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We are always making improvements to ensure you receive the best possible service

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:28
Avjobs appreciates you as a customer... We are always making improvements to ensure you receive the best possible service. It is important that you provide your input and let us know how we are doing from time to time. The extra time you take to provide your feedback, comments, and questions greatly benefits everyone. [More]



Why do I keep seeing these little icons?

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:23
Icons have been added to make it easier to visually scan the list of available jobs and their details. Much the way many reference books do, we employ icons to attract attention to information that is important or that needs to be differentiated from the others in a particular section. These icons are used routinely throughout the Avjobs Applicant System. For information on icons, symbols and colors, click the "Icon Legend" link located directly above any job posting [More]

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What does it mean when I see the Avjobs Alliance Program logo?

by Pat 10. March 2014 15:15
Get Hired FASTER with Avjobs.comThe Avjobs® brand is the most widely recognized in aviation employment. If you see this logo on a job posting, it signifies that this employer is a part of the Avjobs Alliance Program. They are promoting aviation related careers within their company and stand behind their commitment to supporting the industry as a whole. All employers using the Avjobs system are required to register prior to gaining access to the system. All job postings (including confidential postings) have been approved through Avjobs prior to being posted to the live jobs database. We Help People Get Jobs! Providing us with additional feedback about the Avjobs Applicant System is very important; in order to better the system for you and to make sure you are aware of all of the benefits currently available. These are actual questions and comments provided by active Avjobs members. In the event you need additional answers please visit our Help Center for additional information. [More]

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