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Jet Midwest is Hiring- Fleet Technical Documentation Manager!

by Pat 19. April 2012 15:57
Fleet Technical Documentation Manager will oversee the overall management and control of technical documentation for Boeing/airbus/McDonnell Douglas and other Aircraft types. Candidate will build and streamline technical documentation control process and system; lead, supervise and give instructions to the technical documentation team throughout the documentation control process. [More]


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Jet Midwest is Hiring - Sales Associates

by Pat 19. April 2012 15:45
Sales Associate Commercial Aircraft parts company is seeking a Sales Associate to sell aircraft parts and service customer accounts. We are looking for individuals to build our existing business and to develop new business. Hungry, driven, motivated and ambitious candidates only need apply. [More]


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Jet Midwest is Hiring- Chief Operations Officer of MRO

by Brittany 19. April 2012 15:41
Founded in 1997, Jet Midwest, Inc., is a Kansas City, MO based commercial aircraft supplier and is located at the Kansas City International Airport Overhaul Base. The core of Jet Midwest's business centralizes on excellence in pricing, timeliness of delivery, and in the quality standards upheld throughout the entire operation. Customer Service is the priority in meeting the ever changing needs of both present and future clients. Jet Midwest has a dedicated and experienced staff to serve its breadth of customers worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our organization is built to service aircraft from PARTS TO PLANES. [More]


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Jet Linx Aviation Maintenance Technician

by Pat 13. April 2012 08:03
As of 4/13/2012, Jet Linx Aviation is actively recruiting for this Maintenance Technician position. The posting has been viewed 10 times since its original post date. Jet Linx Aviation has received 1 resumes by email for this position. Jet Linx Aviation has received 0 resumes by FAX for this position. Be sure to send your resume for this position using the "Send Resume" button or the phone, fax, email, and instructions provided on this page. Please visit the Jet Linx Aviation web site for any additional details or information. Less than 10% of other viewers have sent their resume and the position is still open, so you are strongly encouraged to apply using the application instructions provided below. [More]


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Textual Harassment

by Pat 9. April 2012 12:46
Everyone should be aware of company rules, but don't forget you manners once you leave work either. A commonly overlooked form of textual harassment is sending unsolicited texts to friends and colleagues without their permission. You should always confirm verbally (call them first) that it is OK to send texts. Don't assume that since you prefer text messages that the person you are sending to also prefers text messages. An even bigger taboo is sending texts to a person without a "Texting Plan", so don't assume that since you have unlimited texting, everyone else has the same cell phone plan. [More]



Flightstar Aircraft Services Liaison Engineers and Technicians

by Pat 9. April 2012 10:32
Flightstar Aircraft Services LLC - Jacksonville, FL is looking for a (2) Liaison Engineers and (2) Liaison Engineering Technicians. Send resume to anewsome@flightstarjax.com. [More]

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