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ATP seeks an A&P Mechanic in Denver, CO

by Pat 28. February 2013 17:11

  ATP Flight School
A&p Mechanic

This A&p Mechanic position is currently available @ ATP Flight School as of 2/28/2013. If you meet the requirements for this position be sure to Apply using the phone, fax, email, or special instructions provided on the "" page. Please visit our website each Monday morning for another new "

Position Description

ATP seeks an A&P mechanic in Denver, CO at Centennial Airport (APA). A one-week training course at maintenance headquarters in Jacksonville, FL will be required to familiarize you with ATP.


  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid FAA Airframe and Powerplant License
  • Two years general aviation maintenance experience preferred
  • Work experience with Piper and Cessna aircraft preferred
  • Experience with troubleshooting, inspection and maintenance of power plant systems, lubrication systems, intake and exhaust system, electrical and instruments systems, propellers and propeller operation systems


  • Perform routine maintenance, troubleshoot and conduct inspections and repairs of Cessna 172 and Piper Seminole aircraft.
  • Customer satisfaction hinges upon sound decisions and expedient action on the part of our A&P mechanics in order to insure safe and efficient operating condition of ATP aircraft. While customer interaction is limited, ATP mechanics must understand the impact their role helping ATP serve our customers.

Pay & Benefits

  • Pay commensurate with experience
  • Insurance
  • Health PPO (United Healthcare - 60% paid by ATP, 40% employee paid)
  • Dental (United Healthcare - 100% employee paid)
  • Vision (United Healthcare - 100% employee paid)
  • Life $15,000 (100% pa...
Apply To: ATP Flight School
1555 The Greens Way
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
United States
Telephone: 800-255-2877
Fax: 904-641-0327
Email: todd@atpflightschool.com
Web: www.atpflightschool.com

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