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Here's more about how your ads may look and how visitors might see them.

by Pat 4. May 2012 16:45
Here's more about how your ads may look and how visitors might see them.


How your ads may look and how visitors might see themPlease keep in mind, ad creation, content, images and text that you use are all up to you. How your ad actually appears (IAB ad unit guidelines) on the publishers website is determined by the publisher and what best meets their needs. The following are provided as simple examples of how ads may look. Please also remember you may create both text and image based ads at no cost.

There is no requirement on how many or how few ads you create. However publishers may choose to display text only, image only, or both types of ads (random) on their sites. Since creating ads is free and publishers choose the format they want, we recommend that you create a variety of ads and monitor their activity and click through rates to determine their success. There is no difference in price or cost for text or images based ads so try both. In fact we encourage you to try variations both to determine what works best for you.

You can also view "Real", "Live " ads on the Aviation Ad Network ™ home page, and our company blog.



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