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HelpOnline Job Application & Resume Builder Help:

Its Easy!
Each page of the application is self-explanatory and user friendly. Simply fill in the fields and our system will extract the necessary information from your application and produce a complete aviation standard resume.

If you already have a resume saved on your pc, you may copy and paste much of the information into our application. Both the application and resume feature a standard aviation format. Click Save after completing each page, and your resume will be added to our system for Employer viewing.

Save or Submit each page frequently.
In order to avoid losing any information by having the page time-out, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of each page every 20 minutes or so. You can easily go back to any page to add, modify or delete any information at any time by selecting the appropriate location from the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen.

You may find that some of the questions on each page do not apply to you. If this is the case, you may leave those fields blank.

There are also fields within the application that you may not necessarily want to show up on your printed resume, even though they may apply. These fields are designed for the Employer and will not show up on your resume. Answering these questions will make it easier for an Employer to find the right candidate for the position available and will only be shown in the application view.

You should periodically click on View Resume to see how your resume looks as you are entering your information.

To stay at the top of the list, make updates or changes to your resume often. The system is setup to sort resumes by the most recent posted. So don't forget to keep your credentials up-to-date and remain at the top of the list when an employer does a search.
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Getting Started:
How long will this take?
The entire process will depend on how extensive your resume credentials are, but on an average it may take 15-30 minutes. You can easily go back to any page to add, modify or delete any information, at any time, by selecting the appropriate location from the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen.

Aviation Job ApplicationHow do I enter my information?
Each section of your resume will be entered on a separate screen. By simply hitting the Save button at the bottom of each page, you will be walked through to the next screen/section.

Can I copy and paste my existing resume?
Yes, however, we do not recommend that. The resume database was created as a Searchable system to better help employers narrow their search and find the right candidate for the job. But NOT having your information in the appropriate fields you may not come back when an employer is doing a search. If you already have a resume typed into a word processing program you can copy and paste the appropriate information into each field. If you still want to copy and paste your entire resume please paste it into the Career Objective field under the Personal Information section.

What will the employer see?
As you complete each portion of your resume, you can click on the View Resume link located on navigation menu. This is exactly how an employer will see your resume in the resume database. Employers will also have the option to view more detailed information about your resume/application but the initial view will be formatted as a professional aviation related resume.

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Important Information to Know About the Following Pages:

Primary and Additional Job Applied For: If you are only interested in applying for positions in one job category, choose the same category in every box, or choose one in the top box and leave the rest blank.

Provide any other information you feel we should consider regarding your application: Any text typed here will show up directly under your personal information. This is the same as an "Objective", an "Overview" or "Introduction" on your resume.

Special Awards or Honors: Any text typed here will show up above your experience. This section can be used to add any additional licenses or certificates that you would like to show up on your resume.

Although the system will automatically sort your previous positions by date, you should start with your most recent employer, and then continue in descending order. When entering your current position (present employer, student, or military), the date fields may be left blank and the system will automatically default this information to be your present position.

To add additional employment at a later date, simply click on the Job Record link under the Employment heading and then click on Add a New Job. You will also find links to previous positions entered here. To modify any of this information just click on the company name and edit any text on this page.

Although the system will automatically sort your educational background by date, you should start with the first school you attended, and then continue in ascending order.

The pilot portion of our resume system was created with the help of 13 different major airlines, and other large aerospace and aviation companies. The information contained on this page was the only pertinent information requested by these companies. Please try to include all of your necessary skills and background information within the provided fields.

Carefully read each line in this section to make you do not miss anything. You must mark your level of experience for each of line that is relative to your experience. If you do not have any experience for the corresponding question, leave it blank. You may go back at any time to change your level of experience as your training continues.

You should periodically click the View Resume link to see how your resume looks as you are entering your information. Please remember that the information will not show up until you click the Save button after each change is made.

To professionally print your resume, click on this link and your resume will open in a new window that is printable (without all of the other information on the page like th navigation menu, header and footer).

One-Click Application Process:
Take advantage of the "One-Click Application Process"! When an employer provides their email address as a way of applying for a particular position, a small icon with the words "Click here to apply" will appear as a part of the positions Job Description. Once you click the button a professional cover letter and link to your resume is automatically sent to the employer. (You must be a resume subscriber and have completed the online application.)

Cover Letters:
You can view a copy of each of the actual cover letters under Your Account Information's personalization settings.

Email Notification:
Many participating employers search this system on a regular basis. You will be notified via email each time an employer views your resume. The system was designed to keep you updated with the number of hits your resume is receiving, and to remind you to keep your credentials current. You can turn this service off under Your Account Information's personalization settings.

 Avjobs.com - Your Aviation Job Search Home

Avjobs.com continues to connect job seekers and HR professionals in the aviation community everyday. We are positive this Online Job Application & Resume Service will do just that.

Avjobs.com retains the right to delete, remove or modify any unacceptable terms or statements and will delete any resume of a Applicant whose account is not in good standing.




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