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Avjobs.com celebrates 28 years of service. We are very proud of our accomplishment and "Thank You" for making it possible. You can count on us to continue our long standing commitment to the aviation community.

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Quality, Time, Cost, Efficiency, Value, Synergy, Culture, Advantage
Eight ways that Avjobs solutions improve Aviation Recruiting:

How does the Avjobs Employer System Work?
How much do the plans cost?

We offer several different purchase and subscription options.  See the Employer Registration Page for additional information.

Plan Name/Type Plan Details Price/month*
Avjobs Employer Premium Subscription Premium Subscription
The Avjobs Premium Subscription is tailor made for aviation industry HR professionals and recruiters with over 90+ unique tools and features to advertise, and recruit qualified industry applicants for less money in less time.
$599.95 user/year
Avjobs Employer Premium Subscription
Group Pricing Option
Premium Group Subscription
The Avjobs Premium Subscription Group Pricing Option is designed for companies requiring more than 1 licensed user.  This option includes all of our Premium Services for an unlimited number of users.(best value)
Starting at $998.00 unlimited  users/year
Avjobs Employer Premium Plus Subscription Premium Plus Subscription
In addition to the Premium Subscription and Tools, the Avjobs staff will perform administrative tasks and job management activity at your request as needed.
Starting at $1758.00 /year
Call for Pricing
Avjobs Cares
View Jobs & Apply
Avjobs Cares
Re-Employment Services that make a difference in employee exits from your company and, ease their transition to a new career. We provide the course of action necessary to move displaced employees easily and quickly to a new position in the aviation industry.
Starting at $179.95 company/year
Call for Pricing
*plus any applicable tax

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Quality: Our Employer System empowers you to access the world's most qualified aviation candidates for your recruiting needs. Avjobs systems are universally regarded as the Platinum Standard in the industry, as proven through our unique partnerships and client roster. Our service and support are unmatched.  Best of all, The Avjobs Applicant System is a restricted site, meaning applicants will be subject to a verification process to confirm they qualify for access,  no resume spamming, no wasting time, no hassle.

Time: The Avjobs Employer System works faster than traditional staffing resources. Aviation specific job seekers from around the world will know about your open position within minutes.  With the web, just-in-time recruiting is an achievable goal for companies of all sizes. By combining refined targeting with instantaneous delivery of your recruitment messages you not only get better and faster results, you get a more highly qualified applicant for your open positions.

Cost: The Avjobs Employer System is significantly less expensive than executive search, general job boards, newspaper advertising, and job fairs. Some clients have cut their recruiting cost by more than 80% through effective utilization of our resources.  In today's unpredictable job market, why pay per job listing when you can pay one low annual price for one complete solution?

Efficiency: Because The Avjobs Employer System  empowers you to select when to distribute your recruitment communications, recruiters are no longer slaves to mind-numbing repetitive administrative processes. Rather than spending time formatting position descriptions, your recruiters spend more time with candidates and hiring managers. Your team can focus on recruiter productivity and results rather than processes and recurring tasks.

Value: The sequential benefits of improved quality, shorter cycle-time, reduced cost and increased efficiency yield greater value in recruitment operations and deliver measurable return on investment.  Many current customers have reported that staffing can be reported as a business unit rather than as a service center. Our technology and services deliver the administrative, financial and quality controls that make your processes and results pay for themselves.

Synergy: Bringing it all together is no easy task. We encourage our clients to rethink Recruiting Strategy, Tactics and Operations in light of the opportunities presented by The Avjobs Employer System  and the challenges of meeting aviation specific human resources requirements. Our clients leverage Avjobs history of service, innovation and empowerment to achieve measurable results.  More employers attract more job postings. More job postings attract more applicants. This cycle works to continuously improve quality while lowering costs and increasing opportunities.

Culture: Our clients experience significant changes in the culture of their hiring teams. The typical shift is from reactive recruitment routines to proactive staffing programs. Another common shift is greater participation in the planning process. The often hoped for "strategic-partnership between Human Resources and Senior Executives" is achieved in part through improved planning and reporting.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that embrace the full range of Avjobs solutions achieve sustainable competitive advantage by hiring better people faster, and by finding and matching the right person to the right opportunity at the right time. If your management understands that your employees are the key driver of your company's success, we can help you to achieve "Employer of Choice" status. If your management doesn't understand this principle, our programs will help you to build a business case that proves it.

See our Registration Options to learn more about our solutions.

About Avjobs
Since launching our Aviation Employment services in 1988, Avjobs has become the world's largest Aviation Employment service. Avjobs is fully committed to your success and will do whatever it takes to ensure your 100% satisfaction.


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Please contact our Customer Service & Support Crew
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