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Apply for Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX today Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX
location on map is approximate

Civil Engineer

Sheppard AFB, TX
United States

Salary Annual: USD

  • Prepares drawings, specifications, schedules andcost estimates for design projects.
  • Directs inspectors in construction managementactivities. Solves construction issues as they arise.
  • Provides leadership and mentoring to subordinateengineers and engineering technicians.
  • Develops engineering standards for installationfacilities construction.
  • Develops and champions the installation’s goalto provide quality facilities.
  • Evaluates plans/criteria and completes specialanalyses supporting engineering efforts accomplished by others. Provides technical expertise on a variety ofengineering activities.
  • Liaises with customers and supervisors to plan,manage, design and supervise the construction of projects. Is customer oriented.
  • Assist Contract Programmer in development ofprogramming documentation.
  • Confer with customer/supervisor to determineproject details, such as scope of work, timing of work, phasing requirements, planpreparation, acceptance issues, special conditions, or other matters.
  • Assess customer needs/requirements and analyzeproposed site factors to scope work and prepare concept design strategies. Workwith programmers on scope issues arising from initial investigations.
  • Develop plans for installation of systems,utilization of facilities, or construction of structures that comply withprogrammed scope and costs. Determine work classification of project scope andwork with contract programmers on issues arising from such determinations.
  • Draft/supervise drafting of detailed plans andconstruction documents. Assure drawingsare prepared in compliance with appropriate drawing (tri-service) standards. Prepare detailed statementsof work for construction projects.
  • Determine material quantities, laborrequirements and other factors, and use such information in preparing detailed, accurate projections of construction costs. Prepare documents presenting costs for use in programming projects,preparing budgeting plans and assessing validity of contractor bids.
  • Stamp drawings with professional seal/ obtain sealfrom licensed engineers/architects.
  • Lead or participate with other designers tocollaborate in multi-discipline projects.
  • Participate in contract solicitation, bidreview, award, and pre-work activities. Assure contract documents (e.g. signed drawings, purchase requests,submittal listings, etc) are promptly prepared, executed and delivered.
  • Review contract submittals for compliance withcontract specifications. Inspect project site and evaluate contractor compliancewith contract requirements. Overseeactivities of project inspectors to assure regular and accurate daily inspectionof contractor work.
  • Assure complete and appropriate projectcloseout, including fiscal closeout, asbuilt and record drawing completion,etc.
  • Investigate existing conditions of structures orsystems to assess their adequacy/suitability for use.
  • Provide input to the Base Community Planner indevelopment of the General Plan. Collaborate with the Community Planner,Contract Programmer and shop craftsmen in developing long range infrastructureplans. Provides expertise inprioritization of work in preparing those plans.
  • Bachelors Degree in Engineering; Texasengineering license required. Ten (10) years design experience and graduate degree work preferred.
  • Possess analytical abilities necessary to handleextremely complex administrative, organizational, and contract matters.
  • Have abasic knowledge of computers—able to input and extract data, prepare briefings,transmit documents.
  • Possess excellent oral, written, andcommunication skills; Able to address a variety of audiences.
  • Able to give attention to detail and execute on multiplepriorities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Able to deal with customers and companyemployees in a courteous, professional, and effective manner.

Able to qualify for a SECRET security clearance.


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Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX
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Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX

Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX

Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX

Civil Engineer job at Pae in Sheppard AFB TX

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