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Apply for Cargo Agents job at Air Serv today Cargo Agents job at Air Serv
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Cargo Agents

Air Serv
Denver, CO
United States

Hourly: USD
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Cargo Agents
Air Serv DEN


  • Build up of cargo for outbound flights.
  • Breakdown and check-in cargo from inbound flights.
  • Drive and operate forklift and tug.
  • Be able to place freight on racks using forklift.
  • Maintain valid state Drivers License and qualify for Airfield Drivers Permit.
  • Complete and pass Dangerous Goods Awareness and TSA Security Training.
  • Other duties as assigned.


These are tasks an Individual can expect to Perform: (as well as other duties as assigned)

  • Load and unload cargo from pallets and containers.
  • Be able to lift heavy weights on continued basis.
  • Communicate with customers picking up or dropping off cargo.
  • Communicate with Airline clients/customers.
  • Perform transfers of freight to other airlines on the airfield.
  • Capable of maintaining high standards of safety.
  • Inspect equipment to prevent damage/injury.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of facilities and equipment.
  • Comply with all safety/security regulations.

Qualifications Required

These are Tools/Equipment an Individual may use to do the Job:

The company provides service equipment.

Cargo Warehouse Agents will be required to operate this equipment - Forklifts tugs and trucks used for the operation in order to perform his/her duties.

Cargo Agents job at Air Serv
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Cargo Agents job at Air Serv

Cargo Agents job at Air Serv

Cargo Agents job at Air Serv

Cargo Agents job at Air Serv

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