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Apply for A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare today A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare
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A&P Mechanic

Executive AirShare
Fort Worth, TX
United States

Hourly: USD
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Job purpose

To conduct or assist with all inspections and repairs on aircraft and aircraft sub-assemblies and perform required documentation, billing, regulatory, and other administrative tasks in adherence to company, customer, and FAA policies.

Duties and responsibilities

1. Assists Maintenance Department Administrator and performs scheduled maintenance on aircraft, as assigned.
• Participates in preplanning briefing to ensure complete understanding of the project work scope, man-hour availability, and projected completion date.
• Participates in preplanning briefing to ensure complete understanding of the project work scope, man-hour availability, and projected completion date.
• Ensures proper job planning so that parts and other resources are available in a timely manner to meet milestones and deadlines.
• Ensures that any changes to the work scope are approved by the customer or supervisor and are accurately documented in a Change Order.
• Responsible for on-time delivery and ensures that milestones and deadlines throughout the project are met.
• Ensures that the aircraft is properly protected and that proper inspection and repair procedures are in place and followed to eliminate errors and incidents.
• Endorses finished work.

2. Troubleshoots and repairs damaged, worn, or defective mechanical components.
• Refers to maintenance manuals or other specifications to determine proper methods.
• Demonstrates correct operational procedures with required tools and equipment.
• Ensures that the work order is opened and updated throughout the project in a timely manner.
• Ensures that squawks on work orders are accurate and descriptive.
• Ensures that time billed to squawks on a work order via timesheets and parts billed are accurate, justified, and reasonable.

3. Performs pre-flight and post-flight inspections on aircraft.
• Ensures aircraft flight preparation.
• Completes maintenance log entries (non CRS).
• Reports discrepancies to Management and Director of Maintenance.
4. Documents maintenance activities.
• Completes required paperwork.
• Keeps records of materials used for accurate budgeting and analysis.

5. Assists with organization and order of facilities and work areas.
• Observes current applicable FAA Regulations and complies with company safety policies and procedures.
• Maintains general cleanliness of hangar, parts & tool rooms and ramp areas, including operation of hangar floor cleaning machine.

6. Provides flight operations support and customer assistance.
• Marshalls departing and arriving aircraft safely.
• Assists boarding and deplaning of passengers.
• Promptly responds to customer requests and assists with baggage and vehicle movement.
• Treats customers courteously and professionally.

7. Performs other duties and assignments, as required.


Requires a high school education or GED and an A&P certificate. Five years’ minimum experience in general aviation maintenance or related field preferred. Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

A&P Mechanic job at Executive AirShare
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A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare

A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare

A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare

A&ampP Mechanic job at Executive AirShare

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