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Apply for Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics today Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics
location on map is approximate

Composite Technician Lamination

General Atomics
San Diego, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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Company: General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
Title: Composite Technician - Lamination
Job Category: Manufacturing
City: San Diego
State: California
Regular/Temp: Regular Employee
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time Hourly

Job Summary:
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc. (GA-ASI) an affiliate of General Atomics is a world leader in proven reliable remotely piloted aircraft and tactical reconnaissance radars as well as advanced high-resolution surveillance systems.
We recognize and appreciate the value and contributions of individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences and welcome all qualified individuals to apply.
We have exciting opportunities for Lamination Composite Technicians to join our Composites Manufacturing department within the ASI division.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Under close supervision with detailed instruction and intermittent review and working in a loud manufacturing environment with a variety of epoxy agents this position performs elementary and routine tasks in preparation for and assists in the fabrication curing build-up and assembly of various types of composite materials where required information is readily available methods and sequences have been pre-determined and tooling is provided.
+ Prepare Tools and Build Records
+ Review Blue Print dimensions and tolerances
+ Vacuum bag
+ Up-keep the Quality checklist and Instruments
+ Be aware of FOD and Tool control at all times
+ Continuously demonstrate 5S Application
+ Perform Carbon Pre-Preg Carbon Fibers and Kevlar layup
+ Perform Fiberglass and Hand Layup
+ Prep tools and de-mold tools
+ Display constant knowledge of specific dimensions honeycomb woven material and material shelf life
+ Perform part build-up free from wrinkles air pockets and voids
+ Use inspection applications
+ Cross-Train
+ Always present organizational skills
+ Observe all laws and work in a safe manner

Job Qualifications:
+ Typically requires High School diploma or equivalent
+ Must be able to verbally communicate read and comprehend written and verbal instructions.
+ Must be familiar with blueprints and other similar drawings and documents; capable of doing simple mathematical calculations; and familiar with a variety of machinist hand tools and measuring instruments.
+ May require respirator certification.
+ Must be able to work in a loud environment; work extended hours as required; and be able to lift assemblies weighing up to 50 lbs.
Provide knowledge of the following:
+ Safety
+ Quality
+ Critical thinking
+ Attention to detail
+ Methods
Demonstrate qualities of the following:
+ Manual dexterity
+ Hand skills
+ Analytical skills
+ Measuring devices skills
+ Mechanically inclined skills
+ Strong communication skills
+ Product knowledge
Familiarity with the following:
+ Quality systems
+ Manufacturing specifications
+ Blue print reading
+ Procedures
+ Continuous Improvement
+ Manufacturing

Travel Percentage Required: 0% - 25%

Clearance Required? NoAvjobs.com
Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics
Apply for this Composite Technician Lamination position today


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Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics

Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics

Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics

Composite Technician Lamination job at General Atomics

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