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Apply for Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics today Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics
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Facilities Support Manager

General Atomics
San Diego, CA
United States

Hourly: USD
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Company: General Atomics
Title: Facilities Support Manager
Job Category: Facilities
City: San Diego
State: California
Regular/Temp: Regular Employee
Full-Time/Part-Time Full-Time Salary

Job Summary:
General Atomics (GA) and its affiliated companies is one of the world’s leading resources for high-technology systems development ranging from the nuclear fuel cycle to remotely piloted aircraft airborne sensors and advanced electric electronic wireless and laser technologies.
We currently have an exciting opportunity for a Facilities Support Manager to join our Facilities department located in Rancho Bernardo CA.

Duties and Responsibilities:
+ Supports the assigned Business Unit their objectives product lines and overall business requirements providing a pro-active approach and partnership between the Business Unit and Facilities Operations and Services organization (FO&S).
+ Acts as the primary liaison between the Business Unit and the FO&S organization
+ Schedules and attends regular meetings with the Business Unit to review business initiatives contract requirements long term strategies and Facilities related issues.
+ Establishes regular communications with the customer via phone email and regularly scheduled meetings.
+ Performs regular building walkthroughs to ensure compliance with standards.
+ Reviews data concerning facility modifications including requested modifications company policies regulatory requirements and required completion dates.
+ Partners with and involves internal Facilities departments and other support organizations to create plans develop ROMs establish time tables/project schedules develop and deliver comprehensive proposals for presentation to customer and project initiatives or Business Unit requirements.
+ Coordinates Facilities activities related to Business Unit requests.
+ Ensures that schedules meet the customer’s needs and that the work is communicated and is in-line with business objectives.
+ Reviews and understands estimated design costs including equipment installation labor materials preparations and other related costs for projects or work performed for the Business Unit.
+ Ensures that work performed on behalf of the customer is done so in conjunction with the business or contractual requirements and in accordance with the customer requests.
+ Analyzes data and situations and recommends solutions to supervisor.
+ Develops and presents formal executive level presentations to internal customers and senior executives.
+ Maintains updates and develops various electronic and hard copy files and records.
+ Exercises independent judgment and discretion about matters of significance.
+ May function in an advisory or leadership role and provide direction and guidance to less experienced staff.
+ Maintains the strict confidentiality of sensitive information.
+ Performs other duties as assigned or required.

Job Qualifications:
+ Typically requires a bachelors or masters degree in facilities engineering architecture or related discipline along with six or more years of progressive experience in construction planning with a bachelors or four or more years of experience with a masters.
+ Equivalent professional experience may be substituted in lieu of education.
+ Experience in space planning construction management program management is highly desirable.
+ Equivalent professional experience may be substituted in lieu of education.
+ Must have a strong business acumen and an innate understanding of business strategies/principles contract knowledge and experience in managing budgets.
+ Must demonstrate a general understanding of construction planning principles theories and concepts.
+ Must demonstrate project management skills including organizing scheduling and coordinating work assignments to meet project milestones or established completion dates. Must be customer focused and possess: (1) the ability to identify issues analyze and interpret data and develop solutions to a variety of moderately complex problems; (2) good analytical verbal and written communication skills to accurately document report and present findings; (3) good interpersonal skills with ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts; and (4) good computer skills.
+ Aerospace and Defense Industry/Manufacturing knowledge and experience preferred.
+ Ability to work independently or in a team environment is essential as is the ability to work extended hours as required.

Travel Percentage Required: 0% - 25%

Clearance Required? NoAvjobs.com
Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics
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Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics

Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics

Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics

Facilities Support Manager job at General Atomics

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