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Apply for Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation today Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation
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Production Manager

Haverfield Aviation
Gettysburg, PA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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Summary: Supervises the maintenance technicians (shop and field) 24/7. Ensures the aircraft are maintained to federal and company standards. Coordinates tooling and spares between homebase and field operations. Responsible for the continued operation of the hangar and all it contains.

Duties and Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
• Determine upcoming maintenance/inspections (using the maintenance tracking program reports)
• Monitor available work force and ensure all required maintenance is performed prior to it coming due
• Maintain the technicians on/off duty schedule
• Establish standards to ensure items affecting airworthiness receive priority
• Monitor aircraft maintenance and provide supervisory/technical support
• Verify troubleshooting/diagnostic testing and confirm proper corrective actions have been completed
• Ensure all parts ordered are correct and will arrive at the work site as needed
• Maintain personnel training qualifications and authorizations
• Provided training and direct supervision for “On the Job Training” (OJT) to new technicians
• Maintain training records for all maintenance department technicians, including recurrent training programs
• Assign workload according to mechanic level of training and qualifications
• Coordinate work with contracted agencies
• Maintained the hangar in a clean and orderly manner
• Report aircraft status each morning to the DOM and/or operations
• Stay current and familiar with all technical data
• Be a positive role model for subordinates
• Additional tasking assigned by DOM

Skills: Employee should posses the following skills in order to perform the duties of this job efficiently.

  •  Strong Leadership
  •  Decision making
  •  Customer Service
  •  Diplomacy
  •  Professionalism
  •  Strong Organization
  •  Time Management
  •  Computer Proficiency
  •  Ability to adapt to changing priorities
  •  Team Player
  •  Oral and Written Communication
  •  Technical Communication

Education/Experience: Production Manager must hold an A&P licenses (IA and CDL “a plus”) and have a minimum of five years aviation supervisory experience MD500 helicopter experience a plus.

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Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation
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Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation

Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation

Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation

Production Manager job at Haverfield Aviation

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