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Apply for Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical today Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical
location on map is approximate

Jet First Officer MU300

Air Medical
San Antonio, TX
United States

Salary Annual: USD
From: $50,000.00 To: $52,000.00
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Turbojet First Officer position with well established Air Ambulance CAMTS accredited organization. Employee benefits include 2 weeks vacation after first year, 401(K) with employer contributing, sick time, health insurance, per diem and excellent schedule. San Antonio area domicile. Flight Safety Training.

Jet Center / Air Medical operate a fleet of 5 turbine aircraft from our San Antonio base of operation. As a leading air ambulance company, Air Medical is CAMTS accredited, the highest standard available in the air ambulance industry. Air Medical has been serving the medical community for over 15 years with a spotless safety record. We are in search of enthusiastic team members that are seeking a higher quality of life, long term employment and job stability.

Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical
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Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical

Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical

Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical

Jet First Officer MU300 job at Air Medical

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