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Apply for Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE today Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE
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Ordnance Supervisor

Ridgecrest , CA
United States

Salary Annual: USD
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The Ordnance Supervisor is overall responsible for all Ordnance related matters in conjunction with contract performance. Provides direct leadership and supervision of the day-to-day operations of the Ordnance work group.

Job Requirements

  1. Directs and supervises all personnel engaged in the storage, handling, transporting, inventory, maintenance, issue, and repair of aviation munitions and aviation armament handling/test equipment.
  2. Supervises the assembly, loading/downloading of aircraft, and arming/de-arming of all aviation munitions.
  3. Evaluates the aviation ordnance function for thoroughness and efficiency and promulgates changes when necessary.
  4. Advises the Site Project Manager on technical matters pertaining to aviation ordnance.
  5. Directs the Explosive Safety program.
  6. Supervises the requisitioning, receipt, allocation, and usage of aviation munitions.
  7. Supervises the training of aviation ordnance personnel.
  8. Administers the Explosive Handling Personnel Qualification and Certification Program for Class V Ammunition and Explosives and acts as the Chairman of the Certification Board.
  9. Develops aviation ordnance standing operating procedures and ensures timely submission of all required ordnance reports.
  10. Supervises and schedules personnel efficiently and effectively to meet work requirements and to protect against costly duplication of labor.
  11. Ensures employees use proper procedures, methods and practices in the performance of their duties.
  12. Conducts shift meetings and briefings as needed and participate in supervisor/management meetings.
  13. Provides, supervises and documents on-the-job training for Ordnance personnel.
  14. Takes corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with company policy.
  15. Ensures shop area is clean, orderly, and free from workplace hazards.
  16. Provides liaison between the Maintenance Control Supervisor and the work group Leadmen.
  17. Performs any other maintenance duties or Supervisory functions that may be identified by senior management as appropriate.

Required education: High School graduate or equivalent required.


  1. Shall possess an extensive background in the field of aircraft Organizational Level ordnance maintenance and material support with a minimum of 15 years experience with 10 years of the last 15 years in direct aircraft ordnance maintenance repair, inspection, and modification.
  2. Of the ten years’ experience in aircraft Organizational Level ordnance maintenance, six years shall be in a supervisory position that included responsibility for assigning program workloads as well as duties for entire shifts.
  3. Must have experience supervising daily uploading/downloading evolutions and personnel supporting scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.
  4. Must be knowledgeable of technical directives and CNAFINST 4790.2 Series; must be knowledgeable of and capable of managing the OPNAVINST 8023.24 series Ordnance Handling Qualification and Certification Program; be knowledgeable of and understand basic supply procedures; possess a working knowledge of applicable aircraft.
  5. Shall have experience writing with clarity and technical accuracy.
  6. Shall possess or can qualify for a U.S. states driver license.
  7. Must have a Secret clearance and be able to maintain it.

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Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE
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Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE

Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE

Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE

Ordnance Supervisor job at PAE

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