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Aviation Pacific

Van Nuys, CA
United States

Geocoded Postal Address available in printed documents Telephone number available

Last update: 11/18/2013

Aviation Pacific
Van Nuys , CA , 91406 United States
(310) 926

Aviation Pacific

Reviewed Nov 18, 2013 by Avjobs.com
Aviation Pacific
(310) 926
Van Nuys CA , 91406
United States

Aviation Pacific
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Caravan C208b PIC-SIC Fort Lauderdale FLCaravan C208b PIC-SIC Fort Lauderdale FL
FAA Commercial Pilot Cert-Single Engine 400-1100 total hours logged

Prepare for a Career in Aviation!Prepare for a Career in Aviation!
Aviation maintenance, avionics, NDT aviation flight. Diploma and degrees.

CJ3 First Officer, Zelienople PACJ3 First Officer, Zelienople PA
1200 Hrs Total Time, 250 Multi, 500 PIC FAA Commercial Certificate

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Aviation Pacific in Van Nuys, CA

Aviation Pacific in Van Nuys, CA

Aviation Pacific in Van Nuys, CA

Aviation Pacific in Van Nuys, CA

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