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Add or Update Your Listing to the Aviation Company Directory

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Being part of the Avjobs Aviation Directory helps aviation businesses gain more visibility and attract more customers. The directory is a crowd-sourced aviation business review, lead generation and networking system. The user community is primarily aviation professionals and enthusiasts who can submit new business or contact listings or provide reviews of existing listings, products or services. Directory listings may be added by anyone including the user community, coworkers and customers.

Avjobs is the obvious choice

If you are hiring an aviation professional, Avjobs is the obvious choice. It has a ton of categories, but the main ones include pilot and mechanics. A Single Job listing on the site is $149.

Aviation Job Stats for September 2018

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Avjobs is a niche aviation job board

Avjobs is a niche aviation job board and proudly so. It focuses on aviation professionals only, making it easier for qualified candidates to get matched up with a job opening that is the right fit. Popular companies post on this site and your job listing will get tweeted out to Avjobs followers, as well as emailed in a weekly jobs newsletter. Avjobs offers unmatched reach and a bit lower price for those of you looking for aviation professionals specifically.

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Founded by and catered to aviation professionals

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Founded by and catered to aviation professionals, Avjobs has three different packages for job postings. Each is available month-to-month or annually, and you save money by purchasing an annual package. A single posting is available for $99, and the company also tweets and emails out your job listings to its followers and subscribers.

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Used by large and small aviation companies

Avjobs Aviation Job Search

Used by large and small aviation companies, Avjobs has the best aviation job site, hands down. “The leading job board for airline, airport, aerospace and general aviation pros” – it’s a top notch place to post your job vacancy. Another benefit of Avjobs is the pricing is dependent upon the number of job listings. This way, you aren’t paying more than you should for posting 1 or 1,000 positions. Job listings start at only $149!

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