RULE: It never hurts to ask. You may be the only one asking...

Aviation Job Search Tip of the DayAviation Job Search Tip of the Day


RULE: It never hurts to ask. You may be the only one asking...
A recent Avjobs Applicant was notified of a scholarship available from a MAJOR training facility. They applied for the scholarship and won! It was only later that they found out that they were the only applicant for the scholarship.

Write an Aviation Specific Resume Online

Write an Aviation Specific Resume Online

Write an Aviation Specific Resume Online!

In today's competitive aviation job market, a well-written resume is the single most important factor in getting your foot in the door and on your way to landing the perfect position. The Avjobs Resume BUILDER and PUBLISHER automatically creates your aviation specific resume and gives you the tools to mail, print, email and fax your resume, quickly and easily, all in one convenient location - online! Get expert guidance on writing your resume: industry and occupation-specific advice and recommendations for your personal career situation, at no extra cost. Don't miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity - get started today!

In minutes, you'll be on your way to creating a resume that will impress even the most discerning employer and put you ahead of the competition for that dream position!

The Avjobs Resume Builder Service was created with the help of 17 different major airlines, and other large aerospace and aviation companies. This service is presented as an On Line Job Application, the same as you would fill out when applying for a position with these companies (on paper) and was formatted with the employer viewing in mind. Avjobs is working together with the aviation industry to make sure you get connected with the job that is right for you. Simply fill in the fields and our Resume Builder System (located in the Avjobs Applicant System) will extract the necessary information from your application and produce a complete resume written to aviation standards.

Aviation Specific Resumes & Cover Letters
Once your career goals have been targeted, resumes and cover letters should be tailored to reflect your qualifications as they relate to the interests of prospective employers. Guidelines for developing these job search materials start with our Online Job Application, Designing Your Aviation Specific Resume, Resume Checklist, and Sample Resumes.

What Employers look for in a Resume
It's important that your resume be as strong and positive as possible. With your resume before them, employers can visualize how you will operate within the framework of their corporation, and how your skills and abilities will be utilized in the future development of the company.

Your Employment Summary
Although the Avjobs Resume Builder will automatically sort your previous positions by date, you should start with your most recent employer, and then continue in descending order. When entering your current position (present employer, student, or military), the date fields may be left blank and the system will automatically default this information to be your present position.

Unemployed Periods
Only list unemployed periods that were longer than 30 day. You'll be more likely to impress an employer if you can show that you used the time between jobs to acquire new skills or additional qualifications.

Additional Employment Information
Make the most of your skills and strengths when building your own resume. With your resume before them, employers can visualize how you will operate within the framework of their corporation, and how your skills and abilities will be utilized in the future development of the company.

Military History
Military personnel offer a great deal of experience and dedication to prospective aviation employers.

College, Trade or Military School, License and Certificate History
Emphasize those skills, the education and training that specifically pertain to the position you're looking for. List the highlights of your education and training that clearly fit the type of skills employers are looking for.

Pilot Supplement
The Pilot supplement was created with the help of 17 different major airlines, and other large aerospace and aviation companies. The information contained on this page is the only pertinent information requested by these companies. Please try to include all of your necessary skills and background information within the provided fields. This section provides employers with the general overview of your piloting experience, training and background that they request. Be as specific as possible. Provide full and abbreviated names when listing aircraft flown.

Mechanic Supplement
This area applies to all mechanical experience. Review the skills and equipment listed in the Applicant System to identify the specific skills you possess. For those skills/equipment experience you possess, check the corresponding buttons to indicate your level of expertise. You may come back at any time to change your level of experience as your training continues.

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Get more aviation jobs with aviation jobs RSS feed

Get more aviation jobs (in real time) with our aviation jobs RSS feed

Apply directly for these available positions using the application instructions provided in the Avjobs Applicant System.  Follow the individual application instructions provided in each job posting. is an online resource that brings together employers and employees in the aviation industry (Simply put, we tell you exactly who is hiring and where - right now!). Our Job Search System is for anyone looking for aviation related industry employment at any level. Please visit our Web Site for additional Aviation Employment Assistance and information. You will need to visit our website and log into the Applicant system,, to apply for positions. Please be aware that you will not be considered for any position until you have applied. Completing your online job application in our system will give you additional visibility and ensure your resume and interest remain active and visible to our recruiters.



Immediate Openings for AP Mechanics

Immediate Openings for A/P Mechanics

Airline Maintenance Services, Inc of Nashville Tennessee is excited to announce the opening of several positions for A/P Mechanics. The company has just signed a major contract with a regional airliner for line maintenance, run taxi and overnight checks. This requires a significant increase in staffing.
Successful candidates will possess an A/P certificate and their own personal tools. CRJ and ERJ experience is a plus but all training will be provided by the company. A "can do" attitude and the ability to solve problems under the pressure of time constraints are important. Wages are negotiable but normally fall between $18 to $25 per hour. A full benefit and retirement package is available. Relocation expenses are negotiable.
If interested, candidates are encouraged to call or email Erick Larson, Director of Business Development at 931-492-2160 or More information about the company can be found on the company website at: and the company facebook site at: or the company Twitter site at:

Nashville is a wonderful place to live and AMS is awesome place to work! We look forward to hearing from you about your new job today.

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Display aviation jobs on your website or blogWe've made it very easy to power your website with aviation jobs. If you already have an existing Jobs or Careers page on your website, or would like to display aviation jobs on any other web or Blog page, just grab the Avjobs Aviation Job Widget and add it to your site.

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