Jet Midwest is Hiring- Fleet Technical Documentation Manager!

Fleet Technical Documentation Manager will oversee the overall management and control of technical documentation for Boeing/airbus/McDonnell Douglas and other Aircraft types. Candidate will build and streamline technical documentation control process and system; lead, supervise and give instructions to the technical documentation team throughout the documentation control process.

Job Requirements:

  • Maintain clear and concise source document files to include, but not limited to, FAA Form 8130, Life Limited, Component Cards and Aircraft Flight Logs
  • Prepare maintenance and inspection future forecast reports and distribute to offsite customers.
  • Provide long range planning forecasts for budgeting purposes.
  • Enters data into the computerized maintenance tracking system from source documents.
  • Maintains the filing system of aircraft maintenance records.
  • Ensures all flight times & cycles are correct prior to updating the tracking system.
  • Creates and maintains Airworthiness Directive compliance records in accordance with Company Policy and FAA Regulations.
  • Creates and maintains Major Alteration and Repair listings in accordance with Company Policy and FAA Regulations.
  • Assists the Program managers with aircraft inductions.
  • Provides research support to both in- house and remote facilities.

Apply to Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

Jet Midwest is Hiring - Sales Associates

Sales Associate

Commercial Aircraft parts company is seeking a Sales Associate to sell aircraft parts and service customer accounts. We are looking for individuals to build our existing business and to develop new business. Hungry, driven, motivated and ambitious candidates only need apply.

Interested applicants should contact us by sending resume to: E-Mail :


Key Responsibilities

• Selling current aircraft parts inventory
• Maximizing profits on inventory through creative selling and repairs
• Seeking out new customers and developing new business markets
• Preparing quotes and researching current market pricing
• Closing the sale and following through on customer requests
• Providing follow-up on quotes, projects and other selling functions to both new and existing customers
• Servicing customer inquiries and recommending solutions...assess and respond to customer needs
• Coordinating inspections and repairing of parts
• Understanding quality assurance and implementing quality procedures
• Performing daily administrative tasks
• Working with and understanding key warehouse and inventory functions


Benefits for a Full Time and Permanent Employee

• Base Salary commensurate with experience
• Commissions and bonuses
• Health insurance
• Life Insurance
• Supplemental Insurance
• Paid Vacation
• Long-term career opportunity

Qualified Applicants must meet the minimum requirements

• High School diploma or equivalent
• Must have effective communication skills that demonstrate the ability to work directly with people in a customer service and sales capacity
• Must have familiarity with PC type hardware and software and must possess basic PC skills
• Must have a valid driver's license
• Prior commercial aviation experience is preferred; however, we will properly train qualified candidates
• Qualified applicants will be required to take a Pre-Employment Assessment test before advancing to the final interview stage


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Jet Midwest is Hiring- Chief Operations Officer of MRO

Founded in 1997, Jet Midwest, Inc., is a Kansas City, MO based commercial aircraft supplier and is located at the Kansas City International Airport Overhaul Base. The core of Jet Midwest's business centralizes on excellence in pricing, timeliness of delivery, and in the quality standards upheld throughout the entire operation. Customer Service is the priority in meeting the ever changing needs of both present and future clients. Jet Midwest has a dedicated and experienced staff to serve its breadth of customers worldwide 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Our organization is built to service aircraft from PARTS TO PLANES.

Chief Operations Officer will manage MRO facility and operations. Candidate will lead and manage the maintenance facilities for timely and efficient development of new capabilities. Requirements will include development of procedures to improve efficiency and productivity.

Job Requirements:

  • Ensure industry best practice is driven through the company to include all departments
  • Forecasting, budgeting, planning and provisioning of manpower, resources and equipment, including the procurement and maintenance of facilities, assets, tooling and ground support equipment required to support maintenance work undertaken by the company.
  • Daily hands-on execution of customer contracts in all MRO divisions company wide
  • Execute planning in relation to Maintenance Operations, facility, staffing, equipment, IT, capacity and changing industrial and business opportunities and environment.
  • Ensure all Senior Managers, Managers and Supervisory Staff complete responsibilities in accordance with company policies, guidelines and respective terms of reference.
  • Extensive proven track record in the MRO / Airline environment.
  • Strong comprehension and knowledge of airworthiness regulations.
  • Analytic and decisive decision maker with the ability to prioritize and communicate to staff key objectives and tactics necessary to achieve organizational goals.

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Jet Linx Aviation Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician
Jet Linx Aviation
Dallas , TX
Open until filled
As of 4/13/2012, Jet Linx Aviation is actively recruiting for this Maintenance Technician position. The posting has been viewed 10 times since its original post date. Jet Linx Aviation has received 1 resumes by email for this position. Jet Linx Aviation has received 0 resumes by FAX for this position.  Be sure to send your resume for this position using the "Send Resume" button or the phone, fax, email, and instructions provided on this page. Please visit the Jet Linx Aviation web site for any additional details or information. Less than 10% of other viewers have sent their resume and the position is still open, so you are strongly encouraged to apply using the application instructions provided below.
About the Job  
Industry Category AP Mechanic
Position Title Maintenance Technician
Positions Available 1
Apply by Open
Wage Type Hourly - Unspecified
Negotiable Yes

Jet Linx Aviation is a Jet Membership and Aircraft Management Company and offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.. We are currently looking for a maintenance technician to work in our Dallas facility.

This position is responsible for performing various aircraft maintenance duties necessary to ensure the safety of all locally based aircraft.

Duties will include:

  • conduct basic trouble shooting
  • perform inspections and repair of aircraft
  • maintain inventory controls
  • be responsible for 24-hour emergency maintenance as necessary.

Qualified candidates must have and maintain an active A&P certificate. Previous maintenance and repair and trouble shooting experience is preferred.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to send their cover letter with salary expectations along with their resume to:

No phone calls please.
Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

Email Resume tp Pilot Magazine Please email resume to and reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

Apply To: Jet Linx Aviation
2717 N 118th St
Ste 102
Omaha, NE 68164
United States
Map to location
Fax 402.881.8663
  Work Location:   Dallas , TX
United States

Jet Linx Aviation
Love Field
Dallas, TX 75235
Map to location

Textual Harassment

Textual harassment is on the rise, according to The National Law Journal. Although the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) says it has no statistics tracking the prevalence of textual harassment, it advises employers to treat it as it would any form of harassment—through clear anti-harassment policies and swift action.

Everyone should be aware of company rules, but don’t forget you manners once you leave work either. A commonly overlooked form of textual harassment is sending unsolicited texts to friends and colleagues without their permission.  You should always confirm verbally (call them first) that it is OK to send texts.  Don’t assume that since you prefer text messages that the person you are sending to also prefers text messages.  An even bigger taboo is sending texts to a person without a “Texting Plan”, so don’t assume that since you have unlimited texting, everyone else has the same cell phone plan.

I can tell you from firsthand experience, I DON’T HAVE A TEXTING PLAN ATTACHED TO MY CELL PHONE AND EACH TEXT I RECEIVE COSTS AN EXTRA $0.20-$0.50.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but 10 simple messages costs an extra $2.00.  Still, $2.00 doesn’t break my bank but when AT&T sends me an additional text message to inform me I have exceeded $50.00 in a single month and suggesting I add a Texting Plan to me account, I get a little irritated.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Text Messages.  I can clearly see their usefulness.  I’m simply pointing out that I don’t have Text messages included in my cell phone plan.

“Hard to believe that I have Unlimited Data, but no Texting?”
 Crazy, but true.

Check your billing statement to see exactly what you have.  You may be surprised?  A simple log in to my account at AT&T shows the following:

Pricing for text messaging
All AT&T customers with text messaging-capable phones are pre-activated to send and receive messages at $0.20 per message with no monthly charge. Or, you can sign up for a more economical text messaging package, go to the Manage Features page in myAT&T.

International text messages are $0.25 per message sent from the United States and $0.50 per message sent if you are outside the United States.

Cell phone harassment is illegal in all 50 U.S. states. Not only is it annoying, but unwanted texts also may add extra costs and burn up the minutes available in a cell phone plan, resulting in lost calling time and wasted money. Most states define telephone harassment as an obscene communication or any verbal or text message threatening physical harm. But the person receiving the text is the one who ultimately determines what harassment is and what is not.