Happy Holidays from the West High School Aviation Program

Happy Holidays from the West High School Aviation ProgramOne and All,
Each one of you have been part of our Aviation Program, and I have probably forgot as many as I have remembered. Everyone has been so great to the students in the program. Thank you so much to all for making 2011 a very successful year for our students and the  program, and hopes are that we can continue these friendships into the future.
Thanks again, and please check out our attached Holiday card,
J. David Yuskewich M.A. , A&P
Director / Instructor WHS Aircraft Training Center / A&P Mechanic

20 Things That Aviation Employers Consider in applicant interviews

20 Things That Aviation Employers Consider in applicant interviews

If your job search is to be successful then you need an understanding your own goals and needs, to understand those of employers. Below are twenty items that employers consider when interview and hiring:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Motivation
  4. Experience
  5. Education / Training
  6. Career Maturity
  7. Initiative
  8. Marks in School
  9. Listening Skills
  10. Punctuality
  11. Overall Appearance
  12. Assertiveness
  13. Manners
  14. References
  15. Knowledge about the Employer
  16. Sense of Humor
  17. Report Writing Skills
  18. Personality
  19. Ability to resolve conflicts
  20. Leisure Activities

Career Opportunity Structural Engineer

Flightstar Aircraft Services IncFlightstar Aircraft Services, INC is more than a place to work.

Flightstar is an environment and culture that continuously promotes quality workmanship and attention to customer satisfaction in all aspects of the customer experience.

We seek associates who want to make a difference and take pride in their careers. If you or someone you know is interested in pursuing career opportunities in Jacksonville, FL please send your resume to careers@flightstarjax.com.

Flightstar offers a comprehensive suite of maintenance and modification services to support operators of heavy, narrow body aircraft. Currently, we have full tooling capabilities for Bombardier CRJ, B727, DC9, MD80, B737 and B757 aircraft and are working towards including additional airframe capabilities in the near future Maintenance Services . A, B, C, and D checks . Drop-in / Line maintenance . Engine changes / Q.E.C. swaps / C-1 & C-2 fan changes / stage III Modifications Services . Avionics modifications (GPS, TCAS, Windshear, Cockpit standardizations, FDR upgrades) . Fire-Smoke Detection Systems . Structural Modifications and Upgrades . Passenger to Freighter Conversions . Wash, strip and full paint jobs . Fuel tank repairs Operational Specifications . FAA Approved 145 Repair Station . EASA Certified . Limited Airframe- CRJ, B727, DC9, MD80, 737, 757 . Limited Engine JT80, CFM56 . Federal Express Stage III installations . Limited Radio (ATC transponder per FAR 43 appendix F) . Ni-cad batteries . NDT

Flightstar Aircraft Services Inc
6025 Flightline Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32221
United States

Employers are waiting for you!

Employers are waiting for you!

Participating aviation employers want you to apply for jobs.

Top 3 reasons to APPLY, APPLY, APPLY.

#3 - Practice Interviewing.
It is incredibly important to continue to practice your interview skills. And there is NO better way to practice than with an actual job from an actual aviation related employer. Take the opportunity to polish your skills and become comfortable with your ability to answer questions as well as ask them professionally. You should schedule and go on at least 20 interviews to be ready for the job you want.

#2 - Networking.
What better way to network, than with the actual people you are trying to get to? Through the interview, you may find other job opportunities within that company or even with another company. Remember you must go thru one door to get to the next.

#1 - Jackpot.
You never know, it could turn out to be the dream job you never knew about. We have even seen companies use a "Dummy Job" or a "Front Job" to filter out unqualified candidates, when they are actually hiring for other positions that they are not advertising. No matter what, you will gain experience for your next job or career move.

We cannot stress this enough...

We strongly recommend that you APPLY for any job that looks interesting to you. 

Remember, getting a job is a two way street. Many job seekers assume that the employers have the upper hand, and that they have many applicants to choose from. Give yourself the "upper-hand"; apply for as many positions as you possibly can, in the end, you are the one who decides whether you want to take the job.

In a perfect world the three (3) most important things this system should do are...
Your answers to this question are very important; in order to continue to better the system for you and to make sure you are aware of all of the benefits currently available.

These are actual questions and comments provided by active members. In the event you need additional answers please visit the FAQ's page for additional information.Where Employers & Employees Come to Meet!

How to Get Avjobs for Free

How to Get Avjobs for FreeHow to Get Avjobs for Free

With New Year’s on the horizon, Avjobs wants to see you ring in 2012 on your way to a new career!  Therefore, we have many discount programs that applicants can take advantage of.  Our goal is to constantly give back to the industry and make sure that we keep quality candidates in aviation.   We believe that our system can help you so much, we even guarantee it.  If you don’t find the right job within 6 months, we’ll give you an additional 6 months free!  Become an Avjobs Applicant and see what program you fit into!

Student Discount Program

Avjobs offers a student discount originated to ease the transition from the classroom to an aviation career. Eligible participants receive an additional 9 -12 months of service added to the end of an existing accounts' regular billing cycle. All aviation students from all aviation related study programs qualify. The qualifying factor is that your course of study and/or program is aviation related. The program is open to currently enrolled students and students who have completed their course of study within the last year (365 days).
Click Here for More Details

Avjobs Cares Discount Program

This innovative program is designed to lessen the burden of displaced aviation employees and allow the industry to recapture quality talent. Our priorities are to see these dedicated industry employees return to work and to ensure they have the necessary resources to keep their career search on track and see results.  If you have been laid off, displaced or furloughed, we aim to give you the tools you need to get back to work quickly, relieve stress, and eliminate cost for up to six (6) months.
Click Here for More Details

United States Armed Forces Discount Program

Avjobs honors the men and women that have given so much of themselves to help others.  We realize that recently discharged military personnel face many challenges as they transition to the civilian world. This program is intended to assist post military personnel through trying times.  If you have been discharged from the US Military within the last year, Avjobs offers a six (6) month US Military Discount. If you are a previous military member, please accept our gratitude, and enjoy the discount offered.
Click Here for More Details

Platinum Partnership Discount Program

In support of your dedication to the future of the aviation community, Avjobs offers an exclusive discount just for you! We partner with associations, groups, and organizations to offer you a discount just for being an active participant in the industry. Currently, if you are a member in good standing with the AMTSociety or the Spirit of Flight Center, then you may be eligible to receive up to 12 additional months added to the end of an existing accounts' regular billing cycle.   If you do not see your aviation association listed and would like to get the discount, you may have your association director contact our office for more detail at: 303-683-2322.

New Editing Tool Makes Updating Your Resume Even Easier!

Avjobs Aviation Applicant SystemIn the ever-changing aviation career environment, maintaining or transforming your resume is crucial to getting their foot in the door and land that perfect job.  At Avjobs, we have now made it easier to shine a light on YOUR value as an employee.

Avjobs recently added a text formatting editor within the Automated Resume Builder of your account.  Now editing features, like those found in desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, provide easy and powerful solutions for our users.  This means that as an applicant you now have a greater chance to stand out in the crowd with a more polished resume.

Understanding How This Amplifies Your Visibility in the System

The online application process provides a series of questions that when answered, automatically translates the application into an organized "Aviation Standards" Based resume.  Whether you already have a refined resume or would like help building one, Avjobs online job application has many benefits and is worth taking the time to complete.

Increase your Chances with Employers

As an applicant, it is important for you to understand how the job application increases your chances with employers.  When employers access our system and are searching for potential interview candidates, they are inputting key words like you would in any standard search engine.  Once you fill in the job application, your resume now becomes 100% searchable for any employer in the system.  The more fields you complete, the more chances you have to turn up in search results.  The more you are in search results, the more chances for interviews.

Why this is Important for You

We often hear from applicants that they do not understand why they need to complete the job application when they already have a completed resume.  Beyond being displayed in the search terms for employers, there are many reasons to complete to the job application.  When seeking a new job, it is best to give yourself every opportunity. This is a chance to market yourself in an additional way and lead more employers in the system to find you!

If you take the time now to enter and regularly refresh your application, you are giving employers what they are looking for, access to all of your information in a standardized format.  Being the channel of communication for both applicants and employers, Avjobs has developed questions tailored to employer requests.  These answers are not often found in a standard resume, but answering them in the job application allows you to schedule that interview faster.    Now their one minute glance can put you in the “Interview” pile and steer you towards your future. Furthermore, now the formatting tool allows you to take information in your existing resume and “copy and paste” it into the job duties.  No more retyping or self-formatting when showcasing your accomplishments in previous employment.  It’s a breeze!

Think of the job application as an alternative tool to revisit areas of your job history you haven’t explored in a while.  It can jog memories to answer interview questions more completely, provide a way to highlight why employers should hire you, and help find effective resume material not previously considered.

How to Maximize This Benefit

As an applicant, you want all eyes on your resume.  To do this, your resume needs to resonate with target company’s needs and show how you solve their problems.  Avjobs recommends highlighting what made you the best at your past or current positions.  Try writing your job duties and responsibilities as positive statements that describe your accomplishments, achievements, awards, and results. For example, you can use statements like:

  • Created marketing tools for hangar lease options resulting in full capacity in one year
  • Assisted in compiling month end financial analysis, saving the comptroller over 25% of his time
  • Generated a template system to prepare quotes for brokers and customers, cutting the return communication time by 50%

Avjobs wants to help you reach your goals.  With our integrated resume builder, you can easily focus on landing that interview and taking the next step towards a new job.  We have also tailored our system to reward those applicants who are the most motivated.  Ambitious candidates are constantly updating their resumes and it works to their advantage in the applicant portal.  Every time you update and edit your resume, it moves to the top of the list in the system.  Anytime an employer logs in they will see your resume immediately on their screen.  Showing your motivation to get to work soon and keeping your resume at the top of search results, let’s recruiters and employers view your resume first and puts YOU in the spotlight.