New Hosted Careers Mini Site Features

Avjobs is flexing its muscle in aviation recruiting with more ways for business to promote aviation job listings. The new Hosted Careers Mini Site feature gives companies another way to attract top talent to current openings. These Mini Sites also help companies to market their products, services, news and announcements to connect with more followers on social networks and promote themselves with the Aviation Ad Network to get their open position in front of more candidates.

All employer accounts come with the new Hosted Careers Mini Site feature, and Avjobs is experimenting with a slew of new features tied to mini sites. Based on the traffic and behavior behavior we’ve seen on Avjobs, we’re running tests on job postings and applications from candidates to improve the overall effectiveness of the process.

Another new posting notification feature allows companies to formally share a job opening with related details like job title, company name and location. The special delivery and formatting differentiates job postings from other content and attracts eyeballs in the crowded job availability market and applicant pool.

Company job postings show up on the Hosted Careers Mini Site, creating a dedicated landing place where companies can send job seekers. Companies get the added benefit of potentially gaining new followers whether or not someone applies for the open position, compared to a relatively static Careers page on a company’s website.

Job postings include an “Apply Now” button that launches a standard job application flow, but pre-populated with information from a user’s profile. That helps people quickly apply for jobs without typing in redundant information.

Submitted applications are received by companies as an Avjobs Message (job application) sent to the email address of the company’s recruiter, website or ATS.

Avjobs added personalized RSS Feeds for company jobs last year, which provide additional syndication in the aviation industry. Now businesses are also able to show their job postings to more people with Aviation Ad Network ad offerings. Avjobs opportunity here combines its ubiquitous reach, personal data and engagement.

Avjobs applicant profiles, are filled with extensive information about their past jobs titles, employers, education and interests. Recruiters can target job posting ads so they reach people with the right credentials in preferred locations. And because people browse Avjobs and the thousands of Aviation Ad Network publisher sites constantly, those users are likely to eventually see the ads.

Most Avjobs users visit when they’re updating their profile about a new job, or are actively looking for one. But Avjobs can reach people not even thinking about a job, yet could be convinced to apply for the chance at a higher salary or better job title.

That’s the same reason Avjobs has been able to build giant brand and performance advertising businesses. Avjobs offers demand generation, drumming up interest people didn’t know they had.

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The airport is one of the most vital elements in our air transportation system. A well equipped airport provides a variety of facilities for the aircraft and for crews and passengers. These include runways and taxiways, which may be lighted for day and night use; a terminal building with lounge areas for passengers, and possibly a restaurant and shops; automobile parking lots; ramp areas and hangars for aircraft storage; and maintenance shops for aircraft and avionics.

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Career Counselor - Entry-level Travel Jobs

Get Hired FASTER with Career Counselor - Entry-level Travel Jobs is widely recognized as an Aviation Employment Services leader.

November 3, 2002

Career Counselor
Entry-level Travel Jobs
SUSAN W. MILLER, M.A, Special to The Times

Question: I am interested in getting into an entry-level job in the travel and tourism industry. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me.
— Linda

Response: You could consider becoming a reservations or ticket agent, also known as passenger service agents.

Reservation agents schedule and confirm reservations by telephone or computer and prepare tickets or contracts at the request of customers. They determine space availability and offer suggestions on travel arrangements including routes, time schedules, rates, and types of accommodation.

As car rental agents, they rent automobiles and talk with customer to determine type of automobile, location for pick up and return of automobile, and number of days needed for rental. Car rental agents quote costs, and explain rental policies and procedures.

Employment Outlook
While above average growth is projected through 2008 for reservation agents, the increased use of on-line ticketing, may result in fewer position openings.

Ticket and reservations agents are employed by transportation companies such as airlines, car rental companies, and/or cruise companies. Currently, many experienced agents are on layoff status, so outlook is poor for entry-level applicants.

Larger companies employ both ticket agents and reservations agents, while smaller companies may hire only ticket agents who perform both duties. Some ticket agent jobs are available only through promotion from reservation agents.

Reservation agents work in central offices at desks with telephones and computer terminals. Ticket agents may work at check-in counters.

Salary Range
In Los Angeles entry level reservations and ticket agents earn from $22,000 to $30,000 per year and part time hourly positions are available at a pay rate of from $8.25 to 9.75 per hour, depending on the airline. [see current salary, wages & pay for this position]
Training Options & Costs
A high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent is usually required for entry level positions but completion of related coursework may enhance one's employability. Several local community colleges offer classes and training for reservations and ticket agents.

Courses include:
• Fares and Ticketing, which identifies airline and airport codes, and how to determine airfares and taxes;
• Internet Travel Research, which provides on instruction on how to navigate and access information from key travel industry web sites.

The colleges also provide various levels of instruction on Apollo and Sabre computer systems, the most widely used by airlines for processing reservations. The cost per course is generally $33.

Long Beach City College
1305 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90806
(562) 938-4353

Job Resources
There are 42 car rental companies and 76 airlines that operate out of Los Angeles International Airport and 5 car rental companies and 4 airlines that operate out of the Long Beach Airport. Princess Cruises reservation center in Santa Clarita also employs reservations agents. The Los Angeles World Airports website,, lists over 50 airlines that fly out of LAX that employ ticket agents.

The following are online resources for jobs in the airline industry, including reservations and ticket agents:

Avjobs, Inc. & Airline Employment Assistance Corp.
P.O. Box 630830
Littleton, CO 80163
Fax (888) 624-8691

This is an online career resource that provides employment assistance for jobs in the aviation industry. There are multiple levels of membership offered to meet your needs with an option to indicate job category preferences including reservations. The subscriptions are available monthly, quarterly and annually.
Susan W. Miller, M.A., is a National Certified Career Counselor, a Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist and holds diplomate status on the American Board of Vocational Experts. She heads California Career Services, a private practice career counseling firm in Los Angeles.

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