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The largest number of aviation jobs found within the Federal Government (outside the Department of Defense) is with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the Department of Transportation. The FAA, with a total of approximately 47,000 employees, is charged with the administration and enforcement of all federal air regulations to insure the safety of air transportation. The FAA also promotes, guides and assists the development of a national system of civil airports. The FAA provides pilots with flight information and air traffic control services from flight planning to landing.

Position Description
Aviation safety inspectors develop, administer, and enforce regulations and standards concerning civil aviation safety, including (1) the airworthiness of aircraft and aircraft systems, (2) the competence of pilots, mechanics, and other airmen personnel, and (3) safety aspects of aviation facilities, equipment and procedures. These positions require knowledge and skill in the operation, maintenance or manufacture of aircraft and aircraft systems.

Working Conditions
The jobs require considerable travel, as inspections, consultations and investigations must be made at various facilities and locations or at the scenes of accidents. Forty hours constitute a normal work week. Change of assignment from one duty station to another is required as staffing demands. Inspectors are required to travel frequently and to occasionally work irregular duty hours. more >>

Passenger Service Agent Jobs

General Information

Even though the airlines are in business to transport people from one place to another, they could not function without the help of many people on the ground, including those who take reservations and sell tickets, as well as those who help keep the airplanes operating on schedule.

Position Description
The passenger service agent (PSA), works at the airport and responds to passengers needing special assistance.

Working Conditions
The passenger service agent acts as a ground host or hostess and is highly visible and helpful to the public. Passenger service agents provide assistance and related customer services at the ticket counter, gate and baggage areas, and concourse of the airline they serve. Duties include servicing customers by performing meet and greets, check-in, aircraft boarding and deplaning, ticketing, baggage service, making boarding, deplaning and public announcements, providing connecting flight information and direction assistance, and handling unruly, upset, or angry passengers.

A wide variety of challenges characterize this job. It is not unusual for the PSA to step in and assist and perform the duties of ticket agent and/or station agent or supervise the ticket office. They answer questions and offer information covering a wide variety of airline and/or airport related topics. In addition to providing information, they help passengers pass through the airport from the ticket counter to boarding. They also tend to ill, handicapped, elderly, injured and small children traveling alone who need special assistance. This may include an electric cart or wheel chair to expedite or ease movement through long concourses.

Since 9/11, a greater role is being placed on security and PSA's often play a vital role in the security of the airport and passengers by conducting security checks at the gate.

The PSA is a highly visible employee, and usually wears uniform. Passenger service agents are present anytime passengers are present, and generally supervise and assist in concourse operations to ensure smooth operation and customer satisfaction. The PSA must be knowledgeable of all airline procedures and policies to instill customer confidence, show genuine concern, and help operations run smooth.

Typical Requirements and/or Experience
It is essential that passenger service agents provide excellent customer service. A thorough knowledge of flight schedules and ground services is necessary. If employed by an international airline, PSA's may need 2nd language skills. Experience as a ticket or reservations agent is helpful. The responsibilities of this position demand a detail-oriented and organized individual with the ability to read, write and speak English. Ability to work shifts including early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays. Basic computer skills are helpful.

High school diploma or GED.

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AOG Aviation Spares is Hiring

AOG Aviation SparesAircraft Accessories Technician Il

AOG Aviation Spares, Inc. is an FAA repair station focused on providing component repair and overhaul services to the domestic and international aerospace industry. We specialize in many types of aircraft accessories

Inspect, repair, and overhaul of aircraft components through troubleshooting and parts replacement at the component level using technical manuals. Related duties such as updating work orders, verifying part and serial numbers, ordering parts and requesting outside repair work will be required.

Working in a shop or maintenance facility on electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic aircraft accessories, landing gear and associated components. Working knowledge and skills associated with electro-mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic theory a plus.
High school diploma or GED equivalent required. A college or technical degree a plus. A&P Certificate a plus.
Commensurate with experience.
Good written and oral communication skills. Understand, follow instructions with minimal supervision. Read and understand technical manuals. Organized and have good time management skills. Able to multitask and work on multipe jobs simultaneously. Possess good problem solving skills. Work well with others under pressure and have the ability to think out of the box in difficult situations. Detail oriented.. Interface and coordinate with customer service and other departments. Knowledge and use of personal hand tools as well as industrial equipment such as milling machines, presses, lathes, grinders and precision measuring equipment. We are looking for a goal oriented, self-motivated team player to fill this position.

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October 2011 Aviation Job Statistics

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BLS reports Jobless rates down in 25 states, up in 14 in September.  In September, 25 states reported over-the-month unemployment rate decreases, 14 had increases, and 11 and the District of Columbia had no change. Nonfarm payroll employment decreased in 25 states, increased in 24 states and the district, and was unchanged in 1 state.

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Career Counselor - Entry-level Travel Jobs

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November 3, 2002

Career Counselor
Entry-level Travel Jobs
SUSAN W. MILLER, M.A, Special to The Times

Question: I am interested in getting into an entry-level job in the travel and tourism industry. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for me.
— Linda

Response: You could consider becoming a reservations or ticket agent, also known as passenger service agents.

Reservation agents schedule and confirm reservations by telephone or computer and prepare tickets or contracts at the request of customers. They determine space availability and offer suggestions on travel arrangements including routes, time schedules, rates, and types of accommodation.

As car rental agents, they rent automobiles and talk with customer to determine type of automobile, location for pick up and return of automobile, and number of days needed for rental. Car rental agents quote costs, and explain rental policies and procedures.

Employment Outlook
While above average growth is projected through 2008 for reservation agents, the increased use of on-line ticketing, may result in fewer position openings.

Ticket and reservations agents are employed by transportation companies such as airlines, car rental companies, and/or cruise companies. Currently, many experienced agents are on layoff status, so outlook is poor for entry-level applicants.

Larger companies employ both ticket agents and reservations agents, while smaller companies may hire only ticket agents who perform both duties. Some ticket agent jobs are available only through promotion from reservation agents.

Reservation agents work in central offices at desks with telephones and computer terminals. Ticket agents may work at check-in counters.

Salary Range
In Los Angeles entry level reservations and ticket agents earn from $22,000 to $30,000 per year and part time hourly positions are available at a pay rate of from $8.25 to 9.75 per hour, depending on the airline. [see current salary, wages & pay for this position]
Training Options & Costs
A high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent is usually required for entry level positions but completion of related coursework may enhance one's employability. Several local community colleges offer classes and training for reservations and ticket agents.

Courses include:
• Fares and Ticketing, which identifies airline and airport codes, and how to determine airfares and taxes;
• Internet Travel Research, which provides on instruction on how to navigate and access information from key travel industry web sites.

The colleges also provide various levels of instruction on Apollo and Sabre computer systems, the most widely used by airlines for processing reservations. The cost per course is generally $33.

Long Beach City College
1305 East Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA 90806
(562) 938-4353

Job Resources
There are 42 car rental companies and 76 airlines that operate out of Los Angeles International Airport and 5 car rental companies and 4 airlines that operate out of the Long Beach Airport. Princess Cruises reservation center in Santa Clarita also employs reservations agents. The Los Angeles World Airports website,, lists over 50 airlines that fly out of LAX that employ ticket agents.

The following are online resources for jobs in the airline industry, including reservations and ticket agents:

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