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When it comes to Aviation History Month in November, there’s plenty to celebrate. From the first balloons sent up into the atmosphere to every device invented that elevated humans above the earth, our imaginations have been captured by the idea of flight. Aviation History Month recognizes the achievements of the men and women who make it happen.


Looking back, many of us quickly identify Wilbur and Orville Wright. However, long before the brothers took to the air, others were lifting off in other devices. In fact, the Wrights were inspired by these inventive pioneers in aviation. For example, Otto Lilienthal built gliders and flew them near Berlin, Germany. His very invention aided the Wright brothers in the design of a powered aeroplane.

Another notable figure in aviation history many will name is Amelia Erhardt. While she earned many records, the one record she never successfully circumnavigated the globe. The first woman to gain that honor was Geraldine Mock. In 1964, Jerrie Mock completed her feat in twenty-nine days, eleven hours, and fifty-nine minutes. She flew a Cessna 180 named the “Spirit of Columbus.”

In 1941, The 99th Pursuit Squadron was activated at Tuskegee comprised of black pilots and ground crews. They became known as the Tuskegee Airmen, a segregated military unit. Because the NAACP had forced the military’s hand, the airmen were under-trained and expected to fail. Though they did not perform at the same level as their counterparts, they completed their missions and met demands while overcoming obstacles. As a result, they led the way for integrated units in the U.S. Air Force.

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 There are numerous ways to explore aviation history.

  • Read a book about aviation
  • Visit an aviation museum
  • Talk to a pilot or go for a ride in an airplane
  • Listen to a podcast about aviation history
  • Watch a video about aviation history
  • Start a new Career in Aviation

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How Employers Notify Applicants About Interviews

Aviation Job Interviews

When and How Employers Let Job Seekers Know About Interviews

When should you expect to hear whether you were selected for an interview? It could be shortly after you apply - or it could be never.

When Employers Notify Candidates

Unfortunately, in many cases, you may never know definitively that your application was rejected by a company. Some employers do notify applicants that they were not selected, others do not. In some cases, it's because they receive hundreds of applications for every available job opening and they may not have an automated system or the resources to notify applicants.

Some job postings state that only candidates who are selected for interviews will be contacted. In other cases, you simply won't know if you'll hear back or not.

In addition, the hiring process can be lengthy with multiple interviews and the employer may not notify applicants until they have filled the job. That could take weeks or months, depending on the position within the company.

For candidates who are invited to interview, you may be notified by phone, email or by an automated messaging system if you applied via an applicant management system.

Check Your Messages

Since you don't know how the company will contact you, check both email and voicemail at least daily, if not more often. You don't want to lose out on an interview because the company couldn't reach you in a timely manner.

How Employers Contact Applicants

Employers most frequently notify applicants by phone or email, but you may even receive a written letter inviting you to interview. The email message, letter or phone call you receive will include details on who you will be meeting with. You may be assigned a pre-scheduled time or you may be offered a choice of interview times.

If the company requires that you prepare materials (like a pilot check ride, for example) you will be informed as to what you should bring and how you should prepare. You should also be notified about the format of the interview/ For example, the company should let you know if you are meeting with a group of individuals rather than a single interviewer.

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Avjobs System Change Notification

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Press Release


Elisa Smith
Director of Marketing
Avjobs, Inc.

Avjobs System Change Notification

January 8, 2010 - A big change is underway at Avjobs! We are releasing significant improvements to serve our aviation job seekers better and provide you an even greater applicant advantage!

The current Avjobs mail system is being upgraded to a more robust carrier class system. The new system provides professional aviation applicants with the latest technology to advance your aviation career to the next level. Some of the biggest changes include a simple Avjobs ID, email address, login format and the long awaited ability to check your Avjobs email on the go. The new system enables you to stay connected with hiring managers through your mobile and web enabled device so you can react quickly to new opportunities for career advancement.

This change has come sooner than expected and we will be transitioning to the new server beginning Friday, January 8th and hope to have finished the transition by the and of the weekend. It is important that you promptly log into your Avjobs account and copy, forward, or delete any mail, contacts, calendar events, tasks and appointments you have been saving. Some suggestions for managing these items include forwarding to an alternate email account, printing or deleting as necessary. During the transition, there is not a method for preserving or transferring these items in your avjobsmail account to the new system. There are important changes existing users need to be aware of to continue to send and receive email once the new system is in place and additional instructions will be posted within the Avjobs Applicant System as soon as they are available. Please make time to check and manage your existing Avjobs email account as quickly as possible to insure any of your saved items are not lost during the transition.

Upon launch and during the transition, existing Avjobs mail accounts will continue to function as usual however, users may experience some interruptions and/or downtime where mail accounts cannot be accessed. If any downtime is experienced, all incoming and outgoing mail will be preserved. Please remember, any existing mail, contacts, calendar events, tasks and appointments need to be managed.

Once complete, the enhancements will bring great things to Avjobs applicants and strengthen your job search success!

About Avjobs

Avjobs, Inc. is the leading aviation, airline, and airport job site providing e-recruiting application software, applicants to aviation employers, and employment information to applicants. Bringing employers and applicants together while providing career counseling and interview preparation is what makes Avjobs, Inc. the right choice for your employment needs.


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