Founded by and catered to aviation professionals

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Founded by and catered to aviation professionals, Avjobs has three different packages for job postings. Each is available month-to-month or annually, and you save money by purchasing an annual package. A single posting is available for $99, and the company also tweets and emails out your job listings to its followers and subscribers.

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Your Professional Aviation Resume

Your Professional Aviation Resume
How It Works - Our professional resume builder works with you to create your "Aviation Standards" professional resume. - You are presented with simple questions including your contact information, previous work history, military history, educational background, and our Pilot and Mechanic supplemental questionnaires.

It’s Easy! - Each page of the resume builder is self-explanatory and user friendly. Simply fill in the fields and our system will automatically build your resume to aviation standards. If you already have a resume saved on your pc, you may copy and paste the information into our questionnaire. Click “Save” after completing each page, and your resume is automatically added to our system for Employer viewing. more >>