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Aviation Industry Graduates Get to Work

Avjobs' expertise and leadership gets students to work quickly in the aviation industry. Too often, entry level students find it difficult and challenging to find industry employment after graduation. It is our priority to provide the highest level of employment assistance and help you secure employment in the industry where you have studied and trained.

Avjobs Student Aviation Program makes a difference and eases your transition into the work force. We provide the course of action necessary to move you easily and quickly into a position in the industry. The program is designed exclusively to help students lock in aviation employment immediately upon graduation.

"Too often, we see students take jobs immediately after graduation outside the aviation industry. It's a shame to see their educational efforts and career dreams get crushed at such an early stage in their career", says Mark Spain, Director of Student Development. "The Student Aviation Program addresses the need for young people to acquire a position in the industry by giving students the resources they need to succeed", he continues. "All students of aviation related programs are eligible to receive highly discounted employment assistance through the program."

- Stay focused on your future and see your efforts pay off
- Avjobs prepares and walks you through every step of the process to ensure your success
- Find full time, part time and internship opportunities
- Jobs are available in all sectors of commercial, corporate, and general aviation including airlines, airports, aerospace, manufacturers, government agencies, suppliers, airport based businesses, federal contractors, and more
- Leading companies are eager to find and hire quality, active applicants like you
- Avjobs covers all sectors of the industry including; aircraft mechanics, avionics, engineers, airport management, pilots, reservation agents, baggage handlers, customer service, line maintenance, ramp agents, stores, aircraft cleaners, security, flight attendants, and all other obscure aviation careers.
- Ensure a smooth transition and get to work fast

Professional Assistance on a Student Budget

Under Avjobs Student Aviation Program, students with an emphasis in aviation are eligible for the greatly reduced pricing. You receive 9 months of service for only $35.00. Subscriptions typically run $299.40 per year. This 88% savings makes it easy for you to participate and land a job fast.

Student Aviation Package at a Glance

The Avjobs Student Aviation Program offers a range of innovative employment tools and services designed to assist you through the challenging transition of student to employee. Making the transition from student to employee is often a dramatic shift. Our innovative tools and services include job opportunities with over 8,000 key industry employers. Our aviation specific Online Job Application and Resume builder make it simple to prepare a professional resume regardless of your experience level. We provide the following productivity tools:

- Aviation industry specific assistance - Interview assistance
- Daily job availability updates - Career Overviews on 70+ aviation careers
- High quality job leads & vacancies - Personalized calendar integration
- Industry networking - Maps & driving directions to interviews & work locations
- Timely & informative material - Industry specific tips
- Access to small & large industry companies - Personal presentation technique
- Aviation specific Resume Builder - Nationwide company directory
- One step application procedure - Educational & training assistance with Aviation Schools
- Private & professional email address - Help set salary expectations
- Automated document preparation - Self paced & personalized
- Job Search Assistant to keep you focused - Active promotion to over 8,000 companies
- Jobs available in all locations - Personalized Career Counseling
There has never been a better time to be a student in the field of aviation!

After your initial registration, Avjobs has discounts and/or a free service period available for students, military personnel, and displaced employees of an industry related position.

You can access the discount program applications from your control panel after logging into your account. You can also read more about discount programs available to subscribers and the redemption process on the discount programs page.


Avjobs Marks 25-Year Commitment

Avjobs Marks 25-Year Commitment has been widely acknowledged as The "Gold Standard" Aviation Employment Services leader. 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marks 25-Year Commitment CONTACT:
Pat Smith
Director of Marketing
Website: Marks 25-Year Commitment

LITTLETON, CO – January 1, 2013 – Colorado based marks twenty five year commitment to the aviation community. “This milestone says a great deal about our dedication to the industry and our success”, says Pat Smith, Director of Marketing at is a vital tool in recruitment strategies across the aviation industry. Airlines, aerospace companies, government agencies, educational facilities, business aviation and airports use every day.

The company originated in 1988 as, The Airline Employment Assistance Corps. & Avjobs Worldwide. The first job opening was posted to our DOS based Bulletin Board System in 1991. In 1994, we made the transition to the Internet. The technology and design of our web-based system revolutionized the scope and direction of industry, Internet employment services. An accomplishment we are very proud of.

Today, 9700+ employers find is a crucial part of their recruitment strategy. In addition, we assist industry job seekers from high school students to seasoned professionals. This combination successfully brings employers and employees together in one central location. Our valuable resources include Job Search, Resume Service, Aviation Directory, HR Solutions, Career Overviews, Aviation Schools: The Original Aviation School Database, and more.

Our staff is absolutely delighted with the support we receive from the aviation community. We are very proud of our accomplishment, and "Thank You" for making it all possible. You can count on to continue our long-standing commitment to the aviation community, well into the future.


Airport Terminal Concession Worker Jobs

Concessions is the largest hiring department within an airport and is handled by contractors. Concessions include newsstands, restaurants, coffee stands, gift shops, and delicatessens. Although working in concessions can be similar to working in your nearby food store, it is often a way to familiarize yourself with an airport. The department usually has a high turnover rate and tends to require little experience. You will also hear of other opportunities in the airport which are often not advertised to the public. Your best bet is to find out from the airport authority who the concession contractors are and apply directly to those companies. Other airport positions that are often contracted out include parking attendants/cashiers and rental car agents. Again, such positions are a way for you to break in to the airport industry, since they often have a high turnover rate and require little previous experience.

Get Hired FASTER!

Customer Service Orientation
Successful applicants must genuinely enjoy providing caring, professional customer service. This is an expectation to provide outstanding service to customers not only to the first customer of each day, but every customer throughout the day. Customers at the end of the day should receive the same high level of service as the customers at the beginning of your day, even though you may have been on duty 14 hours or more.

Working with a great team

We recently had the pleasure of working with Wetzel Aviation, an aircraft sales center in Englewood Colorado.  We had such a pleasant experience, we decided to tell all of our customers too.

If you're in the market to buy or sell an airplane, we recommend working with Wetzel Aviation.


The Wetzel Aviation team has over 100 years of aviation experience. Collectively we have been able to articulate those core values we subscribe to and which we believe will make our Company an exceptional sales organization and separate us from the competition.

» Honesty in all that we speak and do, regardless of the cost

» Commitment to seeking the best value for our customers

» Respect for our customers, for our vendors and for each other

» Expertise in our markets for the benefit of our customers

» Integrity in the assets we manage and the transactions we conduct for others


The impetus for the formation of Wetzel Aviation was Jack Wetzel's desire to combine his 35 years of aircraft sales experience and his passion to deliver an exceptional aircraft sale/purchase experience to his customers. To this, Jack enlisted a group of highly motivated, experienced professionals, who share the same determination and passion to earn the trust and loyalty of those we serve.


Jack Wetzel Jack Wetzel has nearly 40 years of experience selling airplanes and more than 9,000 hours flying jets and turboprops.Jack began his career at Piper Aircraft as a factory test pilot and salesman and was part of the team that developed the Cheyenne series of aircraft.In addition to his Piper background, Jack has extensive experience in selling Learjet, King Air, Citation and Piaggio aircraft.Over the years, Jack has developed a business model and systems that assure that his clients get optimal value.


Bryon Mobley Bryon Mobley graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Business and is a former Army National Guard Officer and Army Aviator.Bryon has spent the last 15 years buying and selling all types of jets and turboprops, including:Piaggio Avanti, Cessna Citation, Bombardier Learjet, Beechcraft King Air and Piper Cheyenne.


(303) 468-4800

Authorized Sales Center

Immediate Openings for AP Mechanics

Immediate Openings for A/P Mechanics

Airline Maintenance Services, Inc of Nashville Tennessee is excited to announce the opening of several positions for A/P Mechanics. The company has just signed a major contract with a regional airliner for line maintenance, run taxi and overnight checks. This requires a significant increase in staffing.
Successful candidates will possess an A/P certificate and their own personal tools. CRJ and ERJ experience is a plus but all training will be provided by the company. A "can do" attitude and the ability to solve problems under the pressure of time constraints are important. Wages are negotiable but normally fall between $18 to $25 per hour. A full benefit and retirement package is available. Relocation expenses are negotiable.
If interested, candidates are encouraged to call or email Erick Larson, Director of Business Development at 931-492-2160 or More information about the company can be found on the company website at: and the company facebook site at: or the company Twitter site at:

Nashville is a wonderful place to live and AMS is awesome place to work! We look forward to hearing from you about your new job today.

A Flight Attendant Talks About Her Job

Marianne Moore is a flight attendant with US Air. She has had more than 16 years of service as a flight attendant.

"Very intensive training is necessary to become a flight attendant. First of all, over the years, it's become a lot more popular job, and the airline companies go through a big screening process in selecting the applicants who will go through training school.

"Different airlines have different educational requirements. Their physical requirements are not as strict as they used to be, mostly due to legal battles and union representation. We now have mothers who can fly, and weight restrictions are much more lenient.

"The training schools are run by the airlines according to FAA requirements. You spend most of your time studying, learning the Federal Aviation Regulations inside and out. You must know the aircraft that you're going to be flying. You have to know how to evacuate an airplane under many different conditions, and you go through all the scenarios that might be countered in an emergency. We are taught first aid.

"Once a year we have to go through recurrent training and learn anything new that's come out. It's sad to say, but every time an airplane crashes we learn a lot from it. Also, we have to practice emergency procedures, including a mock exercise in evacuating an airplane. You get into the simulator and go to your exit and sometimes the exit will be blocked by fire and you have to know what to do in that situation.

"After the TWA incident in Beirut, we were required to go through eight hours of hijack training because the government and the airlines felt the crews needed more background in that area.

"In order to make an informed choice as to an airline career, I would most definitely research the airline that I was giving my application to. The airlines can be selective, but you can be selective, too. Contact the FAA or the Department of Transportation and try to find out if the airline of your choice is financially stable and has a good operating record.

"Apply to several airlines; don't put all your eggs into one basket. I think it's very important to realize that it's a transient job, especially with mergers and acquisitions and the way that the airline industry is growing. But you have to be flexible. That's the name of the game. You might be told one day-or you might just pick up a newspaper and find out-that your airline was bought by somebody else, which more than likely means you'll have a move on your hands. You have to go to where the flying is.

"You have to realize that it's not all a glamour job. You do get to work with the public and you can get a lot of fulfillment by the things you do for your passengers, but it's hard and tedious work, and it's very uncertain these days."

The History of Flight Attendants