Joe Jones Introduces Airmail Greetings

National aviation artist, Joe JonesDenver, CO: Nationally recognized award-winning aviation artist, Joe Jones proudly launches "Joe Jones' Airmail Greetings", his new "all aviation theme" greeting card line.

Over the next several years Jones will be working full throttle to thoughtfully depict five main areas of aviation, GA, Warbird, Vintage, Corporate Jet and Turbo Prop, and Commercial Airlines. Along with a custom design service, Jones will also be developing work to both help recognize and gratefully thank many of the unsung heroes in aviation. From bush pilots and aviation system testers to airline attendants and ground personnel, Jones vows to help send a spotlight to all that live and work as the backbone of aviation today.

As one example, have you ever once seen a congratulations card for First Solo, Instrument rating, Tail Wheel, Float Plane endorsement or Commercial rating? Jones will be the very first artist in the field to ever develop an entire line of signature greeting cards to help celebrate many of the achievements and milestones in the lives and hearts of aviators around the world. Along with the new congratulation card line, "Airmail Greetings" will be introducing holiday, thank you, good luck, retirement, birthday, get well, and much needed aviation sympathy cards honoring all that have flown West.

Please visit him at:

Training Opportunities

AVSchools interactive searchable directoryFor the aviation job seeker, as well as the career switcher, demonstrating the willingness and ability to learn new skills can help put you over the top with a prospective employer.

Whether you are new to the industry or interested in obtaining additional certificates and/or licenses, AVSchools makes researching and finding an aviation college, university, flight school or professional training facility simple. Read school profiles, ask questions and request information.

Training opportunities are plentiful in both the private and public sectors. With AVSchools, you will find the right educational facility that meets your needs.

Job Interview Follow Up

Are you playing the employers game the way they expect you to?

Always follow up & interviews with thank-you letters, phone calls, and, when appropriate, resumes that have been revised based on information and suggestions provided by managers. Even if managers have no positions available, once they have had personal interaction with you, they may think of you the next time they have, or hear of, an appropriate opening.

It is critical to stay in touch with these managers, at least on a bi-monthly basis.

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4th Annual Wine and Wings

4th Annual Wine and Wings
VIP Wine Tasting - Silent Auction 
Spirit of Flight Center
Friday December 9, 2011
6pm - 9pm

Join the Spirit of Flight Center for their 4th annual  VIP Wine tasting with Hors d'oeuvres, Silent Auction fundraiser and more... $50 per person (limited seating). Register Here Now!