Authorization Only

Why do I have a charge on my credit card, when I selected the Resume Hosting FREE 30 Day Trial?


When you select the Resume Hosting FREE 30 Day Trial, you might see an entry on your credit card account when you view account activity on your bank's Web site.  However, if the order was for the Resume Hosting FREE 30 Day Trial you are seeing a temporary authorization rather than an actual charge, and you will never be charged for or have to pay the authorization amount.


Card authorizations are used for address verification and account standing.

These authorizations can have the temporary effect of reducing the available balance for the account, but they will automatically expire and drop off the account eventually (usually within a few days).  The duration for which an authorization remains on the account varies by issuing bank or card type, and cannot be controlled by Avjobs.

Important:  These authorizations are NOT charges.  The cardholder will never be billed or have to pay those amounts.  These items will also never appear on the cardholder's credit card statements - for most banks or card types, they can only be seen or noticed  by viewing the account activity online or calling the card's customer service number.

Many banks' Web sites make a distinction between authorizations and actual charges.  Double-check the entire item you're seeing - not just the description and the amount.  Is there a heading, column or grouping that includes the word "pending" or "authorization"?  If you see either of those words next to the item in question, you can know for sure that you're seeing an authorization rather than a charge.

If your bank's Web site does not include an indication of "pending" or "authorization" and you're not sure, please call the customer service number on the back of the card, and speak to a live representative.  Ask the bank's representative to confirm for you that you are seeing a pending authorization, and not a captured charge.  The representative should also be able to tell you how soon the authorization - which was created by the bank, not by Avjobs - will expire and drop off the account permanently.

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United States Armed Forces Discount

United States Armed Forces Discount

Military Discount
The Avjobs Military Discount program is designed to ease the transition from the military to a civilian aviation career. The program allows the industry to recapture quality talent and honors the men and women that have given so much of themselves to help others. If you have recently been discharged from the US Military, Avjobs offers a six (6) month US Military Discount under the Avjobs Cares Re-Employment Program.

To receive the United States Armed Forces Discount, you must meet the following eligibility requirements

  1. Have been discharged from any branch of the US Military within the last year (365 days)
  2. Provide a legible copy of your DD214 documentation verifying your service dates

Program Benefits

Recently discharged military personnel face many challenges as they transition to the civilian world. This innovative program is designed to assist post military personnel through trying times. Our priorities are to see these dedicated post military personnel return to a civilian aviation career and to ensure they have the necessary resources to keep their career search on track and productive. The program is specially designed to give post military personnel the tools they need to get back to work quickly, relieve stress, and eliminate cost for up to six (6) months. If you are a previous military member, please accept our gratitude, and enjoy the discount offered.

Take Advantage of This Discount

To take advantage of this Discount, register online at for the Applicant account type that best meets your needs. After you have received your user name and password, follow the links to the "Account" section of the Applicant System, locate the "Special Offer Forms" section and send in the required documentation. Upon receipt of your qualifying documentation, the extended free period will be applied to your account and you will be notified of your new billing date following the expiration of the free period.

FAQ’s and Common Questions

What if I’m getting out in three months, but want to start looking for a job now?

Generally, applicants are not eligible for the Military Discount until they are officially discharged. However, if you sign up today, you can start searching and applying for jobs immediately. The day you are discharged, you become eligible for the Military Discount and can send in the qualifying documentation for processing.

What if I’m in the reserves but need to look for a job when I’m not on duty?

You should definitely check out our services, but we cannot offer you free service without a copy of your DD214.

What if I was released from a foreign military, am I still eligible?

At this time, this discount extends to United States Armed Forces only.

Free Service for AMTSociety members

AMTSocietyAircraft Maintenance Professionals Sharing Resources and Benefits
Our Mission: - The Sky's the Limit...To honor the legacy of the aviation community while advancing opportunities for aircraft maintenance technicians to further their profession and ensure the future of aviation.

In support of our member's dedication to aircraft maintenance, the AMTSociety is proud to announce our partnership with to provide Free Service for AMTSociety members. This program makes it easy for actively engaged professionals to get their credentials in front of leading commercial, corporate and general aviation companies. Active AMT Society Members may use discount code AMT1YEARFREE to claim your free year of service.

AMTSociety Members receive 12 full months of applicant service free of charge.
Not a member of AMTSociety – Sign up today

Student Aviation Program

Avjobs Student Aviation Program

Avjobs, Inc. - Service Aviation Since 1988

Avjobs Student Aviation Program

Aviation Industry Graduates Get to Work

Avjobs' expertise and leadership gets students to work quickly in the aviation industry. Too often, entry level students find it difficult and challenging to find industry employment after graduation. It is our priority to provide the highest level of employment assistance and help you secure employment in the industry where you have studied and trained.

Avjobs Student Aviation Program makes a difference and eases your transition into the work force. We provide the course of action necessary to move you easily and quickly into a position in the industry. The program is designed exclusively to help students lock in aviation employment immediately upon graduation.

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities We Make Dreams Reality

"Too often, we see students take jobs immediately after graduation outside the aviation industry. It's a shame to see their educational efforts and career dreams get crushed at such an early stage in their career", says Mark Spain, Director of Student Development. "The Student Aviation Program addresses the need for young people to acquire a position in the industry by giving students the resources they need to succeed", he continues. "All students of aviation related programs are eligible to receive highly discounted employment assistance through the program."

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities
- Stay focused on your future and see your efforts pay off
- Avjobs prepares and walks you through every step of the process to ensure your success
- Find full time, part time and internship opportunities
- Jobs are available in all sectors of commercial, corporate, and general aviation including airlines, airports, aerospace, manufacturers, government agencies, suppliers, airport based businesses, federal contractors, and more
- Leading companies are eager to find and hire quality, active applicants like you
- Avjobs covers all sectors of the industry including; aircraft mechanics, avionics, engineers, airport management, pilots, reservation agents, baggage handlers, customer service, line maintenance, ramp agents, stores, aircraft cleaners, security, flight attendants, and all other obscure aviation careers.
- Ensure a smooth transition and get to work fast

Professional Assistance on a Student Budget

Under Avjobs Student Aviation Program, students with an emphasis in aviation are eligible for the greatly reduced pricing. You receive 9 months of service for only $35.00. Subscriptions typically run $299.40 per year. This 88% savings makes it easy for you to participate and land a job fast.

Student Aviation Package at a Glance

The Avjobs Student Aviation Program offers a range of innovative employment tools and services designed to assist you through the challenging transition of student to employee. Making the transition from student to employee is often a dramatic shift. Our innovative tools and services include job opportunities with over 8,000 key industry employers. Our aviation specific Online Job Application and Resume builder make it simple to prepare a professional resume regardless of your experience level. We provide the following productivity tools:

 Airline, Airport, Aerospace, General Aviation Jobs, Careers, Employment Opportunities - Aviation industry specific assistance - Interview assistance
  - Daily job availability updates - Career Overviews on 70+ aviation careers
  - High quality job leads & vacancies - Personalized calendar integration
  - Industry networking - Maps & driving directions to interviews & work locations
  - Timely & informative material - Industry specific tips
  - Access to small & large industry companies - Personal presentation technique
  - Aviation specific Resume Builder - Nationwide company directory
  - One step application procedure - Educational & training assistance with Aviation Schools
  - Private & professional email address - Help set salary expectations
  - Automated document preparation - Self paced & personalized
  - Job Search Assistant to keep you focused - Active promotion to over 8,000 companies
  - Jobs available in all locations - Personalized Career Counseling
There has never been a better time to be a student in the field of aviation!

Heading Back to School?

Are you heading back to school to study aviation?  If you are currently or plan to be enrolled in an aviation educational facility or program of study this fall, take advantage of the Avjobs Student Discount! Eligible participants receive an extended free service period added to the end of an existing account’s regular billing cycle.  You can read more about this discount program and others by visiting our discounts page.

Or, bring yourself up to speed on the many career choices the industry has to offer with the Avjobs Career Guide.  This guide provides comprehensive job descriptions for over 75 aviation careers!  You might just come across an aviation career path you never new existed!

Either way, see the possibilities and what opportunities are available and what they might mean for your future in aviation.