Meet the Parents

Meet the ParentsEmployers are seeing more frequent parental involvement in the adult child’s job hunt and continued involvement after hire. Some employers are encouraging family members to learn more about the company and the job, while other employers discourage parental involvement. The question is: what is best for you and your career?

Aviation Job Interview Step by Step

You will knock your interviewer's socks off by being confident and ready to answer anything they have to throw at you! Additional resources are available in the Avjobs Applicant Portal.

Aviation Job Interview Step-by-Step

1. Pre-Interview
Schedule Interviews
Look through the Avjobs Applicant Portal or your local newspapers classified ad section. Locate and schedule at least 20 interviews for challenging and professional positions. You need not be interested in obtaining these positions, as these interviews will be used as experience, building your self confidence and interview skills. Through these experiences you become more knowledgeable and comfortable with interviewing practices. This self-induced confidence allows you to be yourself, and shows a potential employer what type of an employee you will be for their company. You should start this interview process immediately so that you are well prepared before your first potential job offer with an airline, airport, aerospace or general aviation company.
2. Pre-Interview and Actual Interview Experience
  Dress Appropriately
Dress as closely as possible to the uniform required for the position you are interviewing for. This allows the interviewer to see how you would look as an employee before they hire you. As a general rule most companies wear dark blue business type suits with black shoes and white shirts. Try to dress as closely to this description as possible as it gives a professional appearance regardless of the company uniform.
  • A conservative hairstyle; natural looking with no extreme shape or color.
  • Make-up appropriate for daytime business wear.
  • Nails are to be well groomed and all cut to the same length.
  • Jewelry is to be conservative. No more than 2 earrings per ear. Men may not wear earrings. Nose, tongue, or eyebrow jewelry may not be worn.
  • If you have a tattoo, make sure it is not visible. If your tattoo is located in a position such as a forearm or calf, place a band aide over it - large enough to cover the entire tattoo.
3. Talk confidently.
  Use proper English and a well-modulated voice. Always use positive statements and never offer negative comments about past employers or experiences. If a negative question is asked, try your best to turn your negative answer into a positive statement.
4. Smile
  Show your personality to the interviewer and co-applicants as someone may be watching you from a distance. Don't present a fake or false image; simply be yourself, as you will have to continue to act this way once you are hired.
5. Don't Give up
  If for any reason you are not hired by the first airline you interview with, "Don't give up". You may not be hired at your first interview or by your first airline, airport, aerospace or general aviation company. Multiple interviews are common practice in the aviation industry. Chalk everything up to experience, and use all previous interviews to build on your mistakes for your next opportunity for employment. Every interview you attend builds self confidence and interviewing skills, giving you an edge over your competition.

When your applications file life expires or if you are not hired after an interview, reapply. At a later date you may possess the requirements the airline is looking for, or be recognized the second time around. Remember these requirements vary over time and need.

"Familiar Faces Attract Attention"

Everyone must understand that you are not just being evaluated on your experience and education alone, but also by your looks, personality, confidence, enthusiasm, and any other attribute that can help them decide whether or not you are right for the job. You may find out that some people get hired just because the interviewer "liked" them. Of course this is not always the case, but developing effective interviewing skills can help!

The Avjobs Applicant Portal has the "Online Practice Interview"
The staff at Avjobs along with other industry wide personnel offices agree, the interview can make or break an applicant regardless of experience or training. It has been the experience of Avjobs and its employees that there is a "best" preparatory procedure for interviews.

The Avjobs "Online Practice Interview" section describes this preparatory process and provides tools and tips for you to be at your best. The "Online Practice Interview" includes audio, video and hundreds of sample questions. So turn up your sound and practice those interview skills.

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Willing to Relocate?

In aviation interviews you're often asked if you're "Willing to relocate?", especially if you live far from the new potential job or the aircraft in question. Sometimes they ask it if you plan to commute or live in the same city.

In those cases the answer is obvious – you wouldn’t interview at a job in another state if you weren’t willing to relocate or commute. But, they may have other offices and want to know if relocation is a possibility if needed.

Think about it before your next interview... Are you willing to relocate? News Feeds (RSS)

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Jet Center of Dallas - FBO General Manager

Jet Center of Dallas
This Fbo General Manager position is available @ Jet Center of Dallas as of 1/26/2012. If you meet the requirements for this position be sure to Apply using the phone, fax, email, or special instructions provided on this page. Please check back with us next Monday morning for another new "Job of the Week."

Jet Center of Dallas - Fbo General Manager

Posted:   1/24/2012 5:13:58 PM
Category:   Management
Position Title:   Fbo General Manager
Reference #:   1001
Number of Positions:   1
Last date to apply:   Open
Wage type:   Salary Annual - Unspecified
Wages negotiable:   Yes
Detailed Position Description:

FBO GENERAL MANAGER, Jet Center of Dallas. Take charge of a newly remodeled, world-class facility. Excellent compensation and benefits, including company-paid health insurance. Unlimited growth opportunity.

Hands-on leader wanted to assume management and P&L responsibility for the Jet Center of Dallas, FBO located at Dallas Executive Airport (RBD). You’ll manage line operations, fuel sales, hangar sales, new business development, customer retention, quality control, human resources, environmental and safety compliance. You will supervise the Operations Manager, Customer Service Manager, Leasing Agent, Bookkeeper, and report directly to the FBO owner. The position requires a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, plus a minimum of three years relevant experience.

Responsibilities and Duties:
• Manage people and facilities in accordance with owner’s policies and applicable State and Federal laws and regulations;
• Financial management of the FBO including gross margins, capital expenditures, budgeting, forecasting and expense management;
• Conduct ongoing competitive analysis to include pricing, selling points and product offerings;
• Create new opportunities by developing and maintaining relationships with customers and the local airport administration;
• Interview, hire, and train employees; conduct merit and performance reviews; plan, assign, and direct work while ensuring appropriate staffing levels are maintained; address employee relations issues;
• Ensure employees receive company communications and necessary training to include safety, customer service standards, company values, etc. as well as ensuring training and development of employees to improve work performance and maximize employee potential;
• “Hands-on” day-to-day management of all FBO operations.
• Other duties as required.

Abilities and Skills Required:
• Interpersonal and communication skills to positively relate and communicate. Must be able to respond to inquiries or complaints from employees, customers, regulatory agencies or members of the business community.
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Word, Power Point and web-based applications.
• Must be able to effectively present information to top management, subordinates, public groups, and/or boards via telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
• Must possess the competencies of leadership, entrepreneurship, negotiation, influence, operational decision making and customer orientation.

Immediate opening! E-mail your resume to or Fax to: 800-235-3577. Direct hire - no agency fee required.

Please reference Avjobs when applying for this position.

Active Avjobs Members will be given preference in our selection process for this posting.
Apply To: Jet Center of Dallas
411 E. Hwy 67
Duncanville, TX75137
United States
  Map to this location Map to this location
Google Map to this location
Telephone:   972-296-6630
Fax: 972-780-8443
Active Avjobs Members will be given preference in our selection process for this posting.
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