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We like to keep our customers updated about new tools and improvements to the system. We recently improved our AVSearch Company Directory in the Applicant Portal. Applicants can use this tool to search aviation companies by state and utilize the contact information to get in touch with potential employers. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with how the buttons next to the company contact information work, allowing you to send invitations to view your resume via e-mail, print and fax your pertinent information and even map the location of the company. We hope you find this new and improved service valuable.

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Federal Regulations Require Rest

Federal Regulations Require Rest Between Training and ID
The Federal Aviation Administration "FAA" recently provided United with a clarification of FAR 121.467, which governs required rest prior to flight assignments. In order to ensure compliance with the regulation, United has modified the process by which Flight Attendant training assignments are scheduled. Our Contract Section 15.J.1. provides that legal rest requirements and maximum duty periods can be waived at the Flight Attendant's option when scheduled for training. In compliance with the FAR, training will not be assigned immediately preceding an ID since legal rest may not be waived below the minimum of 9 hours. When a lineholder bids to waive legal rest after a training assignment, the legal rest may be waived down to a minimum of nine "9" hours between the release time of the training assignment and the report time of the next ID.

Airport Safety and Security Jobs

Airport - Safety Personnel  Airport Safety and Security
The airport is one of the most vital elements in our air transportation system. A well equipped airport provides a variety of facilities for the aircraft and for crews and passengers. These include runways and taxiways, which may be lighted for day and night use, a terminal building with lounge areas for passengers, ramp areas and hangars for aircraft storage, maintenance shops for aircraft and avionics, automobile parking lots, and possibly restaurants and shops.

In the United States, there are about 13,000 airports and 4,000 heliports "landing sites for helicopters". About 5,000 of these landing facilities are used by the public. It may surprise you to learn that only about 650 airports are served by airlines; most of the Nation's airports are used by general aviation pilots and their aircraft. The atmosphere at these airports is usually a lot less hectic and pressured than the environment at a major airport facility. more>>