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Tahna Stanley
Director of Sales & Marketing
Avjobs, Inc.

Let Your Aviation Career Take Flight

LITTLETON, CO (October 28, 1998) – The Airline Employment Assistance Corps. (AEAC) helps fill staffing needs for employers and job seekers in the aviation field. With over 5082 positions from 1950 employers https://www.avjobs.com is an ideal resource for employers to list positions and job seekers to find the ideal aviation career.

AEAC reduces the burden to Human Resources departments by offering free unlimited job posting services. AEAC’s narrow focus on the aviation field brings higher qualified applicants that lead to a lower turn over rate. Positions can be posted and viewed chronologically online and will not be edited by AEAC, but are verified via telephone, fax, and US mail. Postings include complete job descriptions, location, salary, and qualification parameters with top airlines and aviation related companies. Over 950 aviation companies currently post positions, such as, Delta Airlines (NYSE: DAL), Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV), and American Airlines (NYSE: AMR), just to name a few. Soon to be debuted on the site to boost employer information to job seekers will be free company web pages, on-line application forms and a Self-Service Resume section with free search capabilities for employers.

For job seekers AEAC offers comprehensive listings of U.S. and foreign aviation jobs with top employers. "AEAC’s comprehensive online collection of positions for individuals seeking an aviation position creates such a valuable resource for finding a job that we have found most of our members are employed within three months" States Tim Lahey, President of AEAC. Employment resources are available in a variety of easy to use formats. Online membership for $15. per month features flexible searching capabilities by job category, country, position title, company, city, state, zip code, or by keywords in the job description, all listed chronologically. Print publications and CD Rom software of 16,000+ aviation employers are also available.

The Airline Employment Assistance Corps.  is a privately owned company founded in 1988 catering to job seekers and employers in aviation related fields. AEAC has catered to thousands of members online since 1995.


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