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September 1, 2004

Still Hiring

For those still keen on working for an airline, Avjobs ( has good news: The Website catering to the airline industry has more more jobs available. US Airways is hiring for 260 jobs, many with its lower-wage commuter affiliates, according to the site. Most jobs are in Virginia, but they're also in Maine, New York and Florida.  There's one in Charlotte: administrative assistant.

US Airways has high turnover, said spokesman David Castelveter. "Our employees are being recruited away to companies that can pay them more money," he said.

Aviation analyst Robert Mann said it's normal for US Airways to be hiring for the commuter carriers. Ideally, employees are hired at the regional carriers and "flow through" to the main line. Not these days.

"For the last four years, it's been mostly flow back," Mann said.

Friends and neighbors

Amid the uncertainty, flight attendant couple Jeff and Sherry Battreall are finding comfort in a place close to home: their cul-de-sac.

"With these pay cuts, we can't afford to have a watering hole," Jeff Battreall said. "We lay low."

Today, the north Mecklenburg couple juggle second jobs: Sherry, 34, as a part-time waitress at a Bob Evans restaurant and Jeff, 41, working for a friend (and former co-worker) who does landscaping.

What helps, he says, is neighbors in their Highland Creek community. They cut the lawn when the couple is away on trips, feed their cats, and invite the couple over for burgers.

"It helps when your neighbors are your best friends," Jeff said.

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