Aviation Industry students find employment with Avjobs, Inc. Student Aviation Program

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Tahna Stanley
Director of Sales & Marketing
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 Aviation Industry students find employment with Avjobs, Inc. Student Aviation Program

LITTLETON, CO (April 16, 2007) – Privately held Avjobs, Inc. and Avjobs.com, the aviation industries leading job site announced today the launch of its Student Aviation Program.  Avjobs teams up with aviation industry colleges, universities and educational facilities to provide students with tools and services to secure industry employment through its Student Aviation Program.  The program is designed exclusively to help students lock in aviation employment immediately upon graduation.

“Too often, we see students take jobs immediately after graduation outside the aviation industry.    It’s a shame to see their educational efforts and career dreams get crushed at such an early stage in their career”, says Mark Spain, Director of Student Development.  “The Student Aviation Program addresses the need for young people to acquire a position in the industry by giving students the resources they need to succeed”, he continues.  “All students of aviation related programs are eligible to receive highly discounted employment assistance through the program.”

Students are charged a nominal fee of $35 for 9 months of access.  Subscriptions typically run $299.40 per year.  This 88% savings makes it easy for students to participate.

The program is part of Avjobs’ continuing initiative to “Help People Find Jobs”.  The current state of employment in the aviation industry looks better than ever with many opportunities available.  It is Avjobs goal to connect students with over 8,000 employers.

Program tools and services include job opportunities with key industry employers, an aviation specific Job Application, Resume Builder, interview preparation and assistance, private & professional email address, career overviews on 70+ aviation careers, personal presentation techniques and more, all within a self paced and personalized system.  Avjobs also offers career counseling to its customers encouraging them to not lose sight of their goal.

Founded in 1988 to “Help People Get Jobs”, Avjobs remains steadfast in their approach to bring aviation industry candidates and employers together.  Avjobs was the originator of online aviation job boards when it launched its Bulletin Board Service in 1992, and today remains the longest running aviation employment Website.  This is a very exciting time in Avjobs history as they uphold their mark as The Leading Aviation Job Site by making the difference in the lives of future aviators today and into the future.

Visit Studentaviation.com for more details.
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