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Elisa Smith
Director of Marketing
Avjobs, Inc.

Improved Avjobs Aviation Directory

March 30, 2010- Do you know all of the aviation companies within 20 miles of your location?

Most applicants are surprised to learn just how many companies there are within a 20 mile radius of their location. So we added it to the Avjobs Applicant System for you. We also plan to provide you with a look up tool for those of you who are interested in companies outside of your 20 mile radius.

Recently we enhanced the Avjobs Aviation Directory by adding more companies, automated document preparation, contact and mapping functionality. Applicants can use this tool to search aviation companies by state and utilize the contact information to get in touch with potential employers. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with how the buttons next to the company contact information work, allowing you to send invitations to view your resume via email, print and fax your pertinent information and even map the location of the company. We hope you find this new and improved service valuable.

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