QR Codes added to all our posts

We recently read about the concept of QR codes and how they are helpful in spreading web links in augmented reality.

So harness the benefit of this new concept, we’ve created an extension for our Blog to add unique QR code to each post.

The concept is pretty simple and uses a QR code for the post's URL. You can scan it using any mobile QR code scanner application. Once scanned, the embedded post URL will be read by your scanner and you can visit the post on your mobile device without typing anything. So, it actually helps share posts without even using any social media, email or any other online sharing mechanism.

The QR code for this article contains the link for this article and can be scanned through a QR code reader application in your mobile to quickly open it in any mobile browser.

Try it out.  Scan the QR code in this post and see how it works.

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