New Editing Tool Makes Updating Your Resume Even Easier!

Avjobs Aviation Applicant SystemIn the ever-changing aviation career environment, maintaining or transforming your resume is crucial to getting their foot in the door and land that perfect job.  At Avjobs, we have now made it easier to shine a light on YOUR value as an employee.

Avjobs recently added a text formatting editor within the Automated Resume Builder of your account.  Now editing features, like those found in desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice, provide easy and powerful solutions for our users.  This means that as an applicant you now have a greater chance to stand out in the crowd with a more polished resume.

Understanding How This Amplifies Your Visibility in the System

The online application process provides a series of questions that when answered, automatically translates the application into an organized "Aviation Standards" Based resume.  Whether you already have a refined resume or would like help building one, Avjobs online job application has many benefits and is worth taking the time to complete.

Increase your Chances with Employers

As an applicant, it is important for you to understand how the job application increases your chances with employers.  When employers access our system and are searching for potential interview candidates, they are inputting key words like you would in any standard search engine.  Once you fill in the job application, your resume now becomes 100% searchable for any employer in the system.  The more fields you complete, the more chances you have to turn up in search results.  The more you are in search results, the more chances for interviews.

Why this is Important for You

We often hear from applicants that they do not understand why they need to complete the job application when they already have a completed resume.  Beyond being displayed in the search terms for employers, there are many reasons to complete to the job application.  When seeking a new job, it is best to give yourself every opportunity. This is a chance to market yourself in an additional way and lead more employers in the system to find you!

If you take the time now to enter and regularly refresh your application, you are giving employers what they are looking for, access to all of your information in a standardized format.  Being the channel of communication for both applicants and employers, Avjobs has developed questions tailored to employer requests.  These answers are not often found in a standard resume, but answering them in the job application allows you to schedule that interview faster.    Now their one minute glance can put you in the “Interview” pile and steer you towards your future. Furthermore, now the formatting tool allows you to take information in your existing resume and “copy and paste” it into the job duties.  No more retyping or self-formatting when showcasing your accomplishments in previous employment.  It’s a breeze!

Think of the job application as an alternative tool to revisit areas of your job history you haven’t explored in a while.  It can jog memories to answer interview questions more completely, provide a way to highlight why employers should hire you, and help find effective resume material not previously considered.

How to Maximize This Benefit

As an applicant, you want all eyes on your resume.  To do this, your resume needs to resonate with target company’s needs and show how you solve their problems.  Avjobs recommends highlighting what made you the best at your past or current positions.  Try writing your job duties and responsibilities as positive statements that describe your accomplishments, achievements, awards, and results. For example, you can use statements like:

  • Created marketing tools for hangar lease options resulting in full capacity in one year
  • Assisted in compiling month end financial analysis, saving the comptroller over 25% of his time
  • Generated a template system to prepare quotes for brokers and customers, cutting the return communication time by 50%

Avjobs wants to help you reach your goals.  With our integrated resume builder, you can easily focus on landing that interview and taking the next step towards a new job.  We have also tailored our system to reward those applicants who are the most motivated.  Ambitious candidates are constantly updating their resumes and it works to their advantage in the applicant portal.  Every time you update and edit your resume, it moves to the top of the list in the system.  Anytime an employer logs in they will see your resume immediately on their screen.  Showing your motivation to get to work soon and keeping your resume at the top of search results, let’s recruiters and employers view your resume first and puts YOU in the spotlight.



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