Cutbacks has left thousands of industry employees unemployed

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Dear Aviation Professional,
The wake of airline cutbacks has left thousands of industry employees unemployed. When a qualifying dislocation occurs and an employee loses his or her job, they immediately become eligible for Avjobs Cares re-employment services. The relief package covers all airline and airport workers, as well as employees who work for airline suppliers such as service employees and plane manufacturers.

Avjobs, Inc., the leader in aviation employment since 1988, has innovative services in place to assist displaced airline, airport, aerospace and aviation industry workers. The services are specially designed to give displaced airline workers the tools they need to get back to work.

As part of the preparation, Avjobs, Inc. has been working closely with large and small aviation related companies and is prepared for a new wave of displaced airline employees. Avjobs is in this unique position through its affiliation with over 7000 aviation related companies.

“Airline workers were among the victims of the terrorist attacks and today’s inflated fuel prices,” said Avjobs Executive President of Sales Tahna Stanley. “We believe this industry can be rebuilt, but it will take a large-scale commitment in employment assistance for those employees in need. These laid off airline workers receive immediate assistance to see them through this trying time. Our priorities are to see these dedicated industry employee’s return to work and to ensure they have the necessary resources to keep their careers safe and healthy.”

Program benefits include aviation specific resume and job placement services, interview assistance, extensive research tools and even private email addresses for applicants. All sectors of the industry are included; pilots, reservation agents, baggage handlers, mechanics aircraft, customer service, auto mechanics, ramp agents, janitors, stores, aircraft cleaners, security, flight attendants, and all others.

Avjobs has the tools to help. Call our office at 303-683-2322 and identify yourself as a “displaced employee” and see how the Avjobs Cares services can help you. You may be asked to supply proof of previous aviation employment. For more information about Avjobs and the Avjobs Cares services, visit:

It is projected that over 5000 dislocated workers will have received re-employment services through the Avjobs Cares services this year. Please feel free to forward this information to any and all others who may benefit from Avjobs Cares re-employment services. Where Employers and Employees Come to Meet!

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