Where your ads can appear and who might see them based on your targeting methods.

Where your ads can appear and who might see them based on your targeting methods.

Aviation Ad Network ™ always attempts to display your ads on the websites most relevant to your products and services, using contextual targeting. Once you've decided that you'd like to show your ads on the Aviation Ad Network ™, you can set where you'd like your ads to appear or what audience you'd like to reach by choosing from these different targeting methods: See them based on your targeting methods

Keywords: Your ads appear on the Aviation Ad Network ™ based on your keyword list. For Aviation Ad Network ™ pages, we use contextual targeting to match keywords to webpage content.

Placements: Your ads can appear on publisher webpages based on the publishers location preferences. This means that your ads may appear at the top or bottom, left or right, or smack dab in the middle of page content. Placement of ad blocks is determined by the publisher.

Channels: Your ads are shown to aviation specific audiences on Aviation Ad Network ™ publisher websites. You can reach people in specific categories by selecting a channel for your campaign. Selecting the default channel or specifying multiple channels gives you the widest reach, while selecting specific channel limits your ads visibility to only the channel you have selected. The default channel is the equivalent of “run everywhere” and should be selected to provide maximum exposure. Publishers may select to display ads from a specific channel or default based on their preferences. The most commonly selected channel for publishers is the default channel.

Topics: Your ads may appear on multiple pages about a specific topic. Aviation Ad Network ™ uses contextual targeting, just like with keywords, to match your ad to relevant webpages about specific topics in your ad. "Topics" is the Aviation Ad Network ™ term for specific webpage content, such as flight schools or aviation news.

Mobile devices: Your ads can be shown to customers who visit Aviation Ad Network ™ publisher websites from full-browser mobile devices, like iPhone or Android devices. Your ads can also appear on mobile apps, which are considered part of our Aviation Ad Network ™.

Please Keep in mind - Ads on the Aviation Ad Network ™ appear on many different websites and webpages, and even search results pages where the publisher has integrated our contextual search delivery functionality into their site.

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