Flight Attendant Training Overview (Airline)

The flight attendant training goal is to develop a professional, self-reliant flight attendant who is focused on customer service, safety and creating an environment where customers definitely desire to fly the airline again.

The Flight Attendant Initial Training Program is designed to provide you with learning experiences that enable you to develop the skills necessary to fulfill this goal.

The training program is structured to be both challenging and satisfying for you. The Training Center staff and instructors are dedicated to provide you the opportunity and support necessary for you to be successful in meeting all key objectives of this program.

Most Training at major air carriers is incorporated over a 6-8-week period that may or may not include a minimum of one day off per week.

During training you may be eligible to receive incentive pay (normally around $1,500). Trainees who are offered an opportunity to enter Phase II training and accept such offer may receive this incentive pay.

The flight attendant trainee must agree to enter Phase II training in order to receive the incentive payment.

During the intensive training program you will be trained through a variety of learning experiences including several training flights or IOE's (Initial Operating Experience). The learning methodologies include:

  • Classroom style lectures
  • Group discussion
  • Interactive Workshops
  • On-line learning
  • Simulated practices with hands-on experience in the cabin trainers
  • Training Flights (IOE's)
  • Videos
  • Formal Assessments (i.e.- testing & quizzes)

Training proceeds at a rapid pace. You are provided with highly effective learning aids and tools to assist you in meeting the challenges of the training process. You will need to take the initiative to adapt these tools to your own learning style.

Your instructors are a team of experienced flight attendants, facilitators, management, interdepartmental trainers, and external subject matter experts. These instructors are assigned to guide your training activities. You will be assigned a supervisor during training. It is his/her responsibility to provide support and monitor your progress throughout training.

All Flight Attendants in training are responsible for their actions. Any unacceptable personal conduct may result in release from the Flight Attendant Initial Training Program at any time.

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