What are the most sought after aviation jobs in 2012?

What are the most sought after aviation jobs in 2012?

If you're an aviation recruiter or an aviation company looking to hire staff in 2012-2013, then take note of these most sought after aviation jobs. If you are looking for work in one of these aviation fields or for an aviation company that hires for these areas of the aviation insudtry, you better be thinking about your job search initiatives as many other companies are going to be hunting for you very soon!

So what are these most desired aviation jobs for 2012?

1 Pilot-Fixed Wing
2 Management
3 A&P Mechanic
4 Airport
5 Aircraft Mechanic
6 Flight Crew
7 Dispatch
8 Flight Operations Pilot
9 Executive
10 Flight Operations Non-Pilot
11 Avionics
12 Other (or any)
13 Aerospace
14 Sales and Marketing
15 Aircraft Technician
16 Business Development
17 Corporate Aviation
18 Flight Attendant
19 Pilot-Rotary Wing
20 Flight Engineering
21 Aviation Administration
22 Maintenance
23 Administrative
24 Ground Operations
25 Instructor
26 Project or Program Management
27 Helicopter
28 Quality Control
29 Cargo
30 Charter
31 Quality Assurance
32 Training
33 Aircraft Engineering
34 Analyst
35 Customer Relations
36 Customer Service
37 Engineering
38 Program Management
39 Quality Control
40 Technical Support
41 Technical Writer
42 Transportation
43 Advanced Aviation Technology
44 Air Ground Communication
45 Aircraft Assembly
46 Business
47 Business Analysis
48 Business Scheduling and Control
49 Electrical Engineering
50 Engineering Customer Support

Career management experts say change will remain constant in the jobs market, so it's critical to take advantage of training and development to increase your skills and keep pace with your profession.

Engineers. Note to college students who want their pick of job offers when they graduate: Consider majoring in engineering. A whopping 88% of employers in a new poll by the Society for Human Resource Management bemoaned the difficulty of finding enough engineers to hire. Civil engineers are in demand too: Shatkin's analysis of BLS data shows a 24.3% spike ahead in jobs for people who design roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects (average annual pay: $77,560).

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