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Today is a great day to update your online job application and resume in the Avjobs Applicant Portal system. Please take the time to review and update all of the pages of the online job application so that employers have a complete view of your experience and background.  If you have completed as much as you care to complete, you should at least review the information to insure that your contact information is accurate and up to date.  And remember, all resume search results are sorted by edit date (most current at the top of the list).

To do this, just log into your applicant account at http://members.avjobs.com, click on Job Application and then click on Update Your Online Job Application & Resume Now at the bottom of the instructions and information area.

All of the fields in the application are searchable by our participating employers so if a question, or an entire section of the application does not apply to you leave it blank. Not all information provided in the application is displayed on your resume. Employers can Drill Down to see the detail as necessary, but only pertinent resume information is displayed to Employers in their summary or Resume View to provide a clear, professional aviation standards overview of your experience.

Additional Information
The recruiters and hiring managers that use the Avjobs system are usually pretty busy trying to find qualified, motivated applicants like you. Unfortunately, there are many who will view incomplete job applications and resumes as UNQUALIFIED simply due to the lack of information provided. Many remember the names of the applicants they have encountered with incomplete documentation and never look at their credentials ever again (remembering it was incomplete last time and thinking it is still incomplete) in an effort to save time.

Make a great first impression and increase your success rate by completing your online job application and resume in our system right now. You never know when an employer will be viewing your resume or how they will react if it is incomplete.

NOTE: Our Online Job Application was created with the help of 17 major airlines, and other large aerospace and aviation companies. It specifically collects the information recruiters and hiring managers need to make their decision to contact you and move on to the next step, or move on to the next applicant. The Aviation Standards Resume Format used by Avjobs is widely preferred in the industry.

Additional sections or areas of the online job application and resume builder system that you should complete as soon as possible include:

1. Personal Information
Its important that your resume be as strong and positive as possible. With your resume before them, employers can visualize how you will operate within the framework of their corporation, and how your skills and abilities will be utilized in the future development of the company.

2. Employment Summary
Enter your employment history for the last 10 years. You should start with your most recent employer, and then continue in descending order. History older than 10 years is not necessary, unless you feel strongly about the information, or the position is directly related to the type of position you are looking for now. When entering your current position (present employer, student, or military), be sure to complete the date fields. When selecting a day, the first or last day of the month is acceptable if you cannot remember the exact dates. Sub-sections of the Employment Summary include:

a. Unemployed
Enter all unemployed periods longer than 30 days in the last 10 years.

b. Additional
Make the most of your skills and strengths when answering these questions.

3. Military History
If you served in the armed forces, describe your length of service, branch of service, rank, and discharge and/or reserve status. Employers generally react favorably to military service experience as it shows leadership, commitment, and dedication.

4. Education Summary
Enter your education and training history. This includes any College, Trade or Military School, Licenses and Certification history. Be sure to include additional training you may have overlooked such as First Aid, CPR, AED, and any other certifications. Emphasize the skills, education and training that specifically pertain to the position you're looking for now. List the highlights of your education and training that clearly fit the type of skills employers are looking for in their job descriptions. Sub-sections of the Education Summary include:

a. High School
b. College
c. Trade School
d. Military School
e. Licenses
f. Certificates

5. Pilot Supplement
This section provides employers with the necessary overview of your piloting experience, training and background and is the only pertinent information requested by recruiters and hiring managers during this stage of the application and recruiting process. Additional piloting information will be requested as it becomes necessary in the interview process. Please try to include your skills and background within the provided fields. Be as specific and thorough as possible. Provide full and abbreviated names when listing aircraft flown. List and describe your Flight Education, Training, Licenses and Certificates in the Education area as they are related to learning and not considered actual piloting experience.

6. Mechanic Supplement
This area applies to all mechanical experience not just A&P Mechanic experience. Review the skills and equipment listed in this section to identify the specific mechanical skills you possess. Check the corresponding proficiency buttons to indicate your level of expertise.

Important Note
You should revisit the online job application and resume builder frequently to update your contact information, work history, level of experience and additional training as you continue your job search. When employers search or view resumes in our system, the results are sorted by edit date with the most current at the top of the list. Keep your credentials current, particularly your contact information & telephone number and update your job application and resume frequently to stay at the top of the search results list.

Thank you,
The Avjobs Support Crew
Avjobs, Inc.

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