Easy navigation to tools in the Applicant System

In a perfect world the Avjobs system should...

Have easy navigation to things in the applicant system.

Did you know that you can save favorite pages to your navigation menu and call it what ever you like?

Avjobs provides a large variety of information in the applicant system and many times it can be difficult to remember where you found something. You can create shortcuts to your pages of interest and enter a personal name or description for each saved page to create your own personalized navigation menu.

  • Access your saved pages directly from the current navigation menu
  • Save as many Favorite Pages as you need
  • Modify or delete your menu as often as you like

It couldn't be any easier! 

Maybe you need quick access to your resume, practice interview questions, or other career tools.  Once you are on a page you want to save, simply click "Add this page to my Favorites" on the navigation menu. You will then have the opportunity to name this shortcut whatever you like (maximum 20 characters).

A few popular shortcuts are:

View Resume - Staying familiar with your resume is a great idea.  It will keep you prepared for any question an employer might ask.
Go to "My Resume", "View Resume", click  Add this page to my Favorites. 

Sample Cover Letters - Many of you like to change the cover letter you are using to apply to a specific position.
Go to "Tools", "Cover Letter Samples", click  Add this page to my Favorites.

Career Info - Some of you are just starting out in your Aviation Career.  Referring to general career info can better help you to understand each job posting.
Go to "Career Overviews", select from the pull down menu, then choose your specific career, once you are on a page you want to save click  Add this page to my Favorites.

Phonetic Alphabet - Memorizing the Aviation Phonetic Alphabet is something everyone working in the industry should know and use.
Go to "Tools", "Phonetic Alphabet", click  Add this page to my Favorites.

Job Search by Keyword - Searching for a specific job or company is easy when you use the "keyword" search.  Just remember that the results are only generated from the job description.
Go to "Search Jobs", "Keyword", click  Add this page to my Favorites.

By saving Favorite Pages you can create a personalized menu and easily access important information with just a click of the mouse.

MORE: "My Favorite Pages" on your navigation menu are retained for as long as you remain an active member.


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