The interview questions are good exercise...but, could there be

In a perfect world the Avjobs system should...

The interview questions are good exercise...but, could there be the possibility of getting appropriate answers too? Sometimes I really don't know the answer, but I would like to.



Everyone must understand that you are not just being evaluated on the answers to the interview questions alone, but also by your looks, personality, confidence, enthusiasm, and any other attribute that can help the interviewer decide whether or not you are right for the job. You may find out that some people get hired just because the interviewer "liked" them. Of course this is not always the case, but developing effective interviewing skills can help!

The more you practice the more prepared you will be for what ever an employer is going to throw at you. You should spend a minimum of 30 minutes each week practicing your interview skills. You may accomplish this easily by answering just 5 questions each day.

Avjobs provides you with almost 400 possible interview questions, and although there is no "right answer", there are a few things you can do to make sure you have the "best answer".  Always remember to keep your answers positive, and practice the following:

Interactive Practice Interview: The interview can often make or break your odds of landing the job regardless of experience or training. Prepare yourself with our Interactive Practice Interview loaded with real interview questions. This, is as real as it gets! The "Online Practice Interview" includes audio, video and hundreds of sample questions. So turn up your sound and practice those interview skills.

Know the Basics: Knowledge is Power. Educate yourself to remain ahead of your competition. Study Acronyms, Glossary Terms, Phonetic Alphabet, Airport Codes, Flight Attendant Announcements, company info and more

Industry News: Stay abreast of what's going on in the industry with our real time news feed.

Internal News & Announcements: Here, we highlight hard to fill positions, open interview sessions, hiring frenzies, job fairs and company news. This section is updated often so be sure to check it out each time you sign in to view special announcements from employers.

Persistence, Motivation and Dedication are intangible aspects of your job search. How much effort you put in directly affects how many interviews and job offers you will get. The one thing you cannot do in your job search is give up. A winning attitude and the ability to keep yourself motivated is paramount to finding and landing the job you want.

Practice Interview Activity: The interview is often the most critical part of your job search. Be better prepared by using the Online Practice Interview. You will be asked random questions and given an allotted time to provide your answer. Practicing interview questions often will greatly increase your chance to land the job.

Always Be Prepared for Interviews! This is the key to becoming a part of the organization, and the first impression you make is some times the ONLY impression you have. Make it work! Practice sample interview questions with our "Online Practice Interview."

Always remember to be confident & positive!  View some additional tips at




In a perfect world the three (3) most important things this system should do are...
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